Saturday, 9 April 2011

Why am I so incapable of having an early night?

It's like even like I do anything most nights. Last night was an exception, but tonight, there's no reason for me to still be awake at midnight. I wake up every morning and have a small bask in how wonderful my bed is, how perfectly tempered and completely comfortable it is, and then I spend the whole day intending to have a delightfully early night so that I won't be tired any more, and some how, I end up still awake at 11.30.
Does anyone know any motivational tools for sleeping? Because man, I'd love to hear them.

I love lying on the grass, whether it's a park or near the beach or just on my back yard. I love the contrast of bright green to the vivid blue sky, with fantastically white clouds floating across it (I'm heading into Alyce writing territory). I am such a winter person, cold weather and rainy days, but I can never help but be struck with awe by the utterly bewildering visage of our Earth on a warm sunny day. While I was lying there on the grass, I was thinking about that episode of Scrubs where JD gets told to take time to just lay on the grass and take the world in, and that's what I did, albeit briefly. In these moments, I don't care whether God created this world, gods created this world, perfect, science-supported coincidences created this world, or magic lolcats created this world. I only care that it's here and that I'm living in it and that I'm appreciating it.

That's all. :)

Day 9 - A song you can dance to:
Girl Can't Dance by Eddplant
It's true, and consequently funny, on two levels.
i.e. I can dance to it, and I can't dance. #complexhumour

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