Sunday, 3 April 2011

formulaic and unoriginal title

vaguely amusing yet intensely unfulfilling text.
embarrssing anecdote.
odd but overall entertaining metephor.
awkward closing statement.

it's really late and i'm tired and yes i know blah blah blah wahhh it's actually the third and you missed the second but i'm still awake from the second so this counts. i nearly wrote counts as donuts. that's a sure sign you're tired. i'm tired. i suppose this is just a silly rambling blog where i don't really say much and you leave feeling like i've let you down and let beda down and let me down and really let down the expectations placed on me by the internets gods a.k.a. google. not yahoo. but i am happy with the rambles and maybe if i had something insightful to say i'd be more satisfied but as it stands i'm REALLY just keen to get into bed and dream about little ponies of mine and trucks made of monsters. i think trucks made of monsters would be so much better than monster trucks. and then after driving places the monsters could all come out of formation and do battle with their foes and then when they're done drive off into the sunset or sunrise or sunfloat. yes. science says the sun floats. it's a floater. i'm going to stop that now. but i think i should market that tv show. it's be the awesome. everyone and cats stripes would watch it.

bitchez be trippin'.


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