Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'm baaaaaaack...

... soon.
When it isn't nearly 12 at night.
And I have to get up at 8.
And I'm tired after travelling.
For the past two days.
But I know you missed me.
So I just thought I'd tell you
that I have, in fact, returned.
Alive, well, safe, happy.
And soon I shall post a long,
long, long, long, long, long,
probably not that long, post here.
So keep watching, and waiting.
I know, you're excited.
I am too.
I will speak to you soon,
beautiful, beautiful sir/madam.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Potentially Titled This

I just got accepted into university. I've decided to do something different than 90% of the people I know, and not post it on my Faceybook. Not that there's anything wrong if you did; I'd just like to talk about my plans at the moment, and my feelings and stuff.

I've just been accepted into the Australian National University, to study for a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). While personally, I'd much rather go to the University of Woollongong, that's not really an option for me at the moment, financially and emotionally, and I also kind of feel like I'm wasting this amazing resource if I don't go to ANU. I mean, I live in Canberra, and ANU is one of the top universities in the world, and I feel like if I go elsewhere, it's kind of stupid, because I've got ANU right here, where I can live, rent free while I study.
And for that, I sacrificed the course at U of W that I really wanted all along, which is a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology).
This would have meant that instead if studying a science subject, like I have to at ANU, I would have had room for three other subjects of whatever-the-hell-I-want, which I'd have preferred.
But hey, I made the choice.

I was just thinking today about how weird everything is. I mean, some of my friends are already talking about O Week. Those that aren't, are far away, in obscure places or distant countries, without their parents, living independently. Even the ones staying here, whether for uni or something else, are fiercely independent, at least in my eyes (however, keep in mind that I have yet to get my Ps).
And you know what I think?
I'm not freaking old enough for this.
I'm not saying I'm old.
I'm fully aware that I'm not.
But, I mean, travelling alone, living alone, going to uni, working full time, these are all things that grown ups do. Real people, with real lives and real responsibilities do.
Because that's what my friends are: grown ups.
And it's become painfully obvious, quite suddenly, to me, that I'm a grown up too. I've been aware of my adulthood for quite a while, with voting in the election, the ability to drink, hang out with my friends until late, go out clubbing and so forth, but feeling grown up is different.
[At this point, please note that I'm not saying I'm completely grown up. I, and my friends, are just doing things that, in my mind, have always been things 'grown ups' do.]
I've been accepted to uni, I've got a job, I'm planning my travel, and I've got control of my life.
Sure, I still have to keep my room clean, but the important things are now mine.

For the curious, this year, I'm taking a year off, getting a full-time job until June, then travelling to the US and Canada for two months (San Fran, Boise, Vancouver, Toronto via Winnipeg [that's in Canada!], Orlando for LeakyCon, LA for VidCon, New York and Washington DC), then flying to Manchester and spending until around Christmas living in London and travelling all over Europe.
On the job front, I've been offered a job, which I've accepted, at Southern Cross Ten, working with the organisation of ads, but I'm also hoping to hear back about a public service job.

Anyway, I guess I don't feel like I should be accepting uni offers and settling into full time jobs and planning trips because that's stuff grown ups do, and I still feel like a four year old, or an eight year old, or a something-younger-than-I-am-now year old.

I'm aware that there are so many things left for me to experience, and that I'm not old, or even fully grown (one could argue that one is never fully grown), and that this responsibility, while it may seem like a lot, is still slight compared to the coming 50+ odd years of my life.
It's just startling that I've gone from 
Adrienne May, Daramalan College student, basketball player, has some friends
Adrienne May, potential uni student, potential world connoisseur, potential full-time worker, potential failure, potential inspiring success story, potential new friend, potential new housemate, potential enemy, potential crazy cat lady.
In short,
Adrienne May, potential unknown.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stupid realisations made too late in life.

This is a collection of stupid things that I thought were true, up until the point where discovering the truth, and revealing the incorrectness of my thoughts, is just plain embarrassing.

Beginning with some festive cheer.

Thing: Mince pies
Truth: Most commonly pastry containing varied and minced fruits. Often covered with icing sugar.
Idiocy: While I am aware that there are mince pies that are entirely made of mince, like, meat mince, I am also aware that no one eats those. And by aware, I mean I recently became aware. Until recently, I thought that they all contained minced meat, not fruit, despite the fact that I had, on a number of occasions, actually eaten them. Yes, I'd eaten fruit mince pies, and still been utterly sure that all pies in the 'mince pie' genre (I like to think of my pies as genres) were composed entirely of meat. Even though it tasted like fruit. And I always wondered why my mince pies always tasted so much like fruit
Age of startling realisation: 18.

Thing: Mules
Truth: Animals that a similar to a donkey and similar to a horse. Make a weird groaning/braying noise.
Idiocy: Was told by my father (confirmed by my brother) that this animal, a cross between and horse and a donkey, in fact say "mule mule" in a rather deadpan, nasally tone. If you ever see me and remember, I will make the noise for you. My family assured me this was the noise mules made. I bought it.*
Age of startling realisation: ... 17

Thing: Hearth
Truth: The bit in front of a fireplace. Pronounced hahr-th
Idiocy: Thought it was pronounced her-th. This is made more embarrassing by the fact that I consider myself quite good at English, in that I have a wide vocabulary, always check the spelling of words of which I'm unsure, and use correct grammar, even in text messages. And I'd been saying this wrong for a long time. Not that I say heArth very much. But you know. Also made worse by the fact that my pronunciation seems logical. H-earth. But I guess so does heart-h. WHATEVER.
Age of startling realisation: 18 years, 6 months and 26 days old. And if you do the maths (and know my birthday) you'll have the startling realisation that this was about two months ago. Yep.

Thing: "Because We Want To"
Truth: A bad '90s pop song by Billie Piper, referred to only as 'Billie' in track listings
Idiocy: Perhaps more forgivable than some of the others, because my naivety is a result of a fact that a) Because We Want To wasn't actually my favourite song ever, so I didn't really pursue more music by the artist, and b) I didn't know who Billie Piper was then, and she had no significance in my life. Now, as a Doctor Who fan, I know who she is. I was aware that she did write (bad) pop songs, but I didn't think I'd ever heard any of them. UNTIL I went on an old web page that was talking about prospective Doctors to take over from 10th, and she was listed as one of them, and in her short bio, it mentioned "Because We Want To". It may not seem like a big thing, but I had the biggest "OHHHHHHH!!" moment.
Age of startling realisation: 18 (about a month ago)

Thing: Cloning in YouTube videos
Truth:YouTube vloggers quite frequently overlap images in their videos to make it seem as thought there are two or more of them. Often seen in Community Channel and Wheezy Waiter videos.
Idiocy: Now, if you know me, you'd know that I'm fairly fond of the YouTubes, and when I first started watching, I watched a few Community Channel videos, and some Charlie videos with clones, and I swear, the first three or four videos I watched with cloning, this is what was running through my head:
"Man, a lot of YouTubers are twins."
Following that, it was:
"And I don't think I've ever seen triplets before, but there are so many!"
I still haven't seen triplets.
There aren't that many.
I'm just stupid.
I'm pleased to say this didn't last long, but still, it was there.
I are smart.
Age of startling realisation: 18 (and after having watched about 4 videos with clones)

</embarrassing stories>
You owe me so bad, [insert reader name].

*I hate you guys.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

This will chronicle a recent adventure to the toilet-room.

I don't know what to call the toilet-room. My toilet (IT'S MINE but not really) is in a different room to the bathroom (which also functions as the shower-room, the sinkroom, the toiletries-cupboardroom, the towels-that-are-in-use-room, the towelrackroom, and the SHUT THE HELL UP NOW AND GET ON WITH IT WE WANT TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENED IN THE TOILET-ROOM BUT NOT REALLY room).

Shall we just call it bathroom 2.0? It seems to be a successful marketing strategy.

So a recent addition to our my b2.0 is the calendar on the back of the door. To the uninitiated, we always have a calendar on the back of our door. A different one each year. Just in case you don't know what calendars are/do/yeah.
As it's early this year, and the first time I've been to my dad's house this year, it was my first Calendar Viewing.


We got a frakking Where's Wally (lolllll) calendar.
I literally just stood in b2.0 for like ten minutes trying to find the stuff, because not only does it have Wally, but it has the checklist of other things to FIND. Like a boy with a dog biting his bum.
How the hell do you ever expect me to pee when there's a Where's Wally to complete?!

I think that's all I had to say.
There was also a grey woman in the picture. I can see their attempts to include a variety of ethnicities, but I think grey, alien women is possibly a bit to inclusive.

No wonder Wally is hiding.

Also, nerdfighters.
Where's Wally? In Your Pants.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Resultioons. Yep. Resultioons.

You know, I never stick to New Year's resolutions. I don't know if it's just because I always make them too hard (Yeah, exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY, Adrienne. Err, gtfo?), or because I lack the motivation, or just because I don't care, but I always fail at them.
Sometimes I feel like New Year's resolutions are made up to make people feel bad about themselves, and to make you feel a bit like a failure.
New Year's resolutions are basically pretty stupid.

So here are my New Year's resolutions.

1. Live to 2012.
2. Figure out how to refer to this year. (Twenty-eleven? Two thousand and eleven?) I think I'm of the Frezned opinion (Frezinion?) that it should just be called 'Eleven'.
3. Get more subscribers on my personal YouTube channel than on my collab channel. This should work if I keep being a fliptard and posting my collab videos on my personal channel accidentally.
4. Go to another country. This should be easy, considering I'm meant to be going on an around the world trip...
5. Make 5 new friends.
6. Still use this blog.
7. Stick to New Year's resolutions.
8. Buy something.
9. Have my nails painted more often than I have them not painted.
10. Get over my obsessive compulsions.

See, you were all like "What?? She just spent 150 words explaining why New Year's resolutions a stupid, and now she's making some WHAT?"
But then you read them and realised they are all pretty lame and easy and silly.
The subscriber one may seem hard, until you realise that my collab only had 25 subscribers (Y)
So thems is my resolutions.

I also think I should point out that resolutions is a bitch to type.
This is how I want to type it every time.
SEE! It is HARD.

I think that every blog post I've posted has had a "Seriously." moment in it.

Good luck to all those peeeeeeeeps who is leaving town tomorrow.
Hope your planes don't crash and that you don't get abducted in your new strange towns.