Sunday, 2 January 2011

Resultioons. Yep. Resultioons.

You know, I never stick to New Year's resolutions. I don't know if it's just because I always make them too hard (Yeah, exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY, Adrienne. Err, gtfo?), or because I lack the motivation, or just because I don't care, but I always fail at them.
Sometimes I feel like New Year's resolutions are made up to make people feel bad about themselves, and to make you feel a bit like a failure.
New Year's resolutions are basically pretty stupid.

So here are my New Year's resolutions.

1. Live to 2012.
2. Figure out how to refer to this year. (Twenty-eleven? Two thousand and eleven?) I think I'm of the Frezned opinion (Frezinion?) that it should just be called 'Eleven'.
3. Get more subscribers on my personal YouTube channel than on my collab channel. This should work if I keep being a fliptard and posting my collab videos on my personal channel accidentally.
4. Go to another country. This should be easy, considering I'm meant to be going on an around the world trip...
5. Make 5 new friends.
6. Still use this blog.
7. Stick to New Year's resolutions.
8. Buy something.
9. Have my nails painted more often than I have them not painted.
10. Get over my obsessive compulsions.

See, you were all like "What?? She just spent 150 words explaining why New Year's resolutions a stupid, and now she's making some WHAT?"
But then you read them and realised they are all pretty lame and easy and silly.
The subscriber one may seem hard, until you realise that my collab only had 25 subscribers (Y)
So thems is my resolutions.

I also think I should point out that resolutions is a bitch to type.
This is how I want to type it every time.
SEE! It is HARD.

I think that every blog post I've posted has had a "Seriously." moment in it.

Good luck to all those peeeeeeeeps who is leaving town tomorrow.
Hope your planes don't crash and that you don't get abducted in your new strange towns.



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