Thursday, 30 December 2010

WARNING: It's going to be really corny.

What'd you score for Christmas?
I did well.

I got:
A video camera
A Kindle
Scott Pilgrim
A Bag
Kingdom Hearts
Stuff for travelling
A sore foot
Mediocre turkey
Doctor Who Series 5
Doctor Who pen
and that's not even all of my presents!

Now that's out of the way, we can talk about what this blog is really about.
Me being alone.
Real stuff:
There's around a week until about 60% of my close friends leave  to various places for a year.
You might not know this, because I come off as a bit of a social retard, but I really love my friends, and I don't know what I'm going to do. So many of them are going away, whether to the UK, or to the middle of nowhere (Hannnnnaaaahhhh), and while I'm planning on going to the UK later next year, I have to spend the first half of this year with no friends.
The friends who aren't going away are going straight to uni, so they will be living their super cool uni lives, and I will be trying to find a job.
Yeah, I also don't have a job.
I am going to be left here, in Camberaa, friendless, jobless, broke and lonely.
While I'm super happy that all of my friends are doing such wonderful things, exploring new places and starting their lives, and while I know that I will be doing that soon, right now, all I can think about is the fact that in a couple weeks, I'm not going to have many people left that I can just hang out with, and I'm not going to have anything to do.
So this is to all of your people, who are going away and starting your adventures.

I hope that you find something new. I hope that you have the most wonderful time, wherever you're going, and learn things and experience things and be things. I hope that every second is something you'll never regret, and I hope that even the bad times are better than any other times you've ever had.
I hope you meet new people and find new places and eat new food and listen to new music and watch new TV shows and live new days.
I hope you're safe, happy and healthy, and that everyday is fantastic.
And I hope that you don't mind me visiting you, and that you remember the people who aren't there, and that YOU SKYPE ME ALL THE TIME.
I really do love all of you, even if you don't know it, or don't want me to, or I don't really know you well enough to say that I love you, and me doing so is just a little bit creepy and weird.
Please don't forget me?

I wish you the BEST of luck.
And Rita, I hope you meet Charlie and Alex ...and Ed ... and Tom;
Hannah, I hope you meet lotsa hot Army boys;
Senor Stoppies, I hope you meet a pretty lady to keep you entertained or something *winky face*;
Jac, I hope you meet Rafa, or at LEAST someone with a bottom as nice as his (awkward?);
and everyone else I hope you meet nice people and stuffz.

Uni peeps, I love you, and you'd better not ditch me for your cool new artsy uni friends (Alwad ...)

There is a new, not lame and corny blog that I'm working on, FULL of embarrassing stories and funny, awkward anecdotes coming soon. I just wanted to write this before all the relevant people left me.


I do really love all of you.

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