Sunday, 5 December 2010

So I have a blog.

Oh? You know? Wow, you're doing better than me, because obviously I don't know, since I haven't even bothered writing in here lately.
I guess this is mostly due to the fact that I have el zilcho (El Zilcho ... Hey, is it too late to change my superhero name?) to actually write about.
I mean, my life now invloves no work, no school, and no activity. Mainly just worrying about how on earth I'm going to pay for people's Christmas presents.
But at the moment, I'm really excited for my trip next year. Currently, the itinerary is set for 2 months in North America (LEAKYCON AND VIDCON), before flying into the UK and then hanging around Europe for a couple more months. It's going to be completely awesome, especially because Aleks and maybs Rion are coming with me. So I'm really keen for that. I just have to get some money to pay for it, which means a job. I think I'm going to start applying this week.
God, how boring is this? So boring.

You know what isn't boring? The O.C.
Ryan Atwood is a badass, Seth Cohen is a babe, Summer is a bitch and Marissa is a alco.
And Jimmy's in debt and Kirsten is cynical and Sandy is idealistic.
And it's all brilliant.
Their stereotypical, glorified lives are more interesting than mine any day.
In fact, I think you should all stop reading these, and just watch the O.C. instead.
Yeah. No, don't go.
No. No no no! NO!
Please, I need this.
I need you.
Please stay?

I'll be the O.C. for you!
Uhhh ... [witty Seth comment, alcohol and cocaine, parties, fights, attitude from Ryan]

OK. I think that's quite enough of that now.
Good night.

*goes and watches the O.C.*

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