Thursday, 23 December 2010

Maffsy Fun!

 lol oxymoron.

Sometimes I make maths out of my food and with my hands.
Today, with great difficulty, I managed to capture one of these moments for you.

 Half-eaten quiche > Chilli Quesadilla
And yes, in the time it took me to take that, my food did get cold. I like to think it was worth it.

While I am aware that this isn't exactly the most complex mathematics around, or even that I've learned (I can multiply 5 by 2 without a calculator), but seriously. How complex do you think the maths you can do is with food, your hands, and while still taking a sweet as photo like that one above?
Not very.
So quit yo' whining.
It is fun though.
... Yeah, I do some weird crap. I just like to share it with you.


I hate bad ads on TV. There are so many. That stupid cordial ad, with the guy who changes his name to Elizabeth? Seriously.
Get lost, you stupid douche.
I don't even understand why it's so unbelievable. I mean, he's talking to the cordial expert, whose job it is to know about the cordial.
AND EVEN SO. Why would he actually do it?? Change his name, I mean.
Is the cordial woman SUCH a bitch, that she followed him and made sure he did it?
Everything about this ad is ridiculous and I hate it.

I kind of just wanted to rant about that stupid ad.
I know there are other stupid ones that I hate, but that's one of the worst. Especially because it's on all the time.
Stupid televis--
...No. No. No no no no no no. NO!
Ge-- Get away from me! Help me! It's, it's my television. It's coming for me.
I can't hold it off much longer!
Just call someone! Call someone to save me!
I can't take much longer. HELP!

Sorry. I was bored.
I think I'm done now.

[insert random nerdy quote]

Chat to ya laterz.
(I like to think there's more than one of you.)

Do you like TELEVISION? (yes, yes, oh god, yes. please?)
Do you like AARDVARKS?
Do you like REGGAE?

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