Monday, 20 December 2010


Oh, Summer.
You are a cold-hearted wench.
Why you so cold?
Seriously, scarf, jacket, jeans, long-sleeved shirt and slippers.
I have some serious words to say:

Attn: Global Warming
           I regret to inform you that based on current evidence, you have not lived up to the expectations placed upon you. While we, as a people, understand that these expectations were not placed on you by yourself, but by experts in their field, it is still disappointing and unacceptable in a world where there are already so few things known by us. Your inability to provide what has been promised has resulted in many disgruntled consumers, who are all now suffering a cold, wet summer.

           We at HumanWorld Inc. (also known as HumWo Inc.) have the unpleasant task of requesting that you remove your application for a position in our organisation.
Perhaps next year, if you were to re-apply, we could examine your application again.
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you again.


Director of Human Resources,
HumanWorld Inc.,
Adrienne May


Attn: Cold Weather


I mean,I like the cold, and stuff. But there's a reason I live in Australia. I was born here. AND ALSO I LIKE SUMMER, HOT CHRISTMASES WITH PRETTY DRESSES.
Like, seriously. If you get clothes for Christmas, you want to try them on, and it being COLD makes it so much more unpleasant, and so much less pleasant, to try on these clothes.
What am I meant to do?
NOT try them on?
SUFFER the cold?
No. No. I won't stand for it.
*sits down*

Anyway, in other news, did you hear that Google wants to remove the CAPS LOCK key. To aVOID AWKWArd situations like that, where you go to press the 'A' key and end up pressing the caPS LOCK. And other reasons. Like because flamerzzz use it and it's aggressive. And blah blah blah. Bob Lob Law.
Stupid Google.
How silly is Google?
Really silly.

*is assassinated by Google assassins*

Finally, Project for Awesome was amazing! If you missed the action unfolding over the weekend, you can check out a plethora of amazing videos by just searching 'p4a' on YouTube or following these links:
View and Link
Viewimon gets his orgasm shoes on. You know you want to watch it ...

There is plenty to choose from in the above! Three of them are world vision related, but I really like all of the vloggers, so deal with it.
There's also this video, just to show you how awesome P4A is:
If you go to the channel that came from, there are a whole bunch of videos from the P4A livestream (off YouTube! Who knew YouTube could do that?!)

AND if you want to help, without paying ANY MONEY go here.

Oddling children.

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