Monday, 13 December 2010

OK, so I'm proof-reading this. You win, adoring masses.

I listen to so much music. I have so many different bands from so many different genres. No one has ever gone through my iPod and not found at least three things they liked.

Do you know what happened to me in year 7?
I went to a Hilary Duff concert.
And was in the mosh pit. - if it can be called that at a Hilary Duff concert... -
By myself.
There was literally a 4 year old girl, her 2 year old sister, and their mum standing behind me. -.-
You didn't know I was this cool, did you?
Luckily, it doesn't go down in history as my first concert ever, because when I was about 10, I went to a Midnight Oil concert. With my mum.
And I may have fallen asleep ...
But anyway.

These embarrassing confessions do have a purpose, and it's not just to entertain.
The other night as I was meant to be going to sleep -- I suck at sleeping lately, but have been coming up with brilliant ideas for stuff -- I was thinking about my personal music history, and I guess I want to share it with you.

I am someone who would definitely say that the music I listen to has shaped who I am. And let's just exclude Hilary Duff from that. -- did you know she wrote a book?? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? --

In case you haven't noticed, I'm now using dashes to denote when I'm going on a random tangent. Just FYI.

Growing up, I guess I did what most people do; I listened to the music that my parents and older brother listened to. My mum doesn't really listen to much, which left me with Queensryche, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and later on some Grinspoon and Powderfinger. So when I started looking for some music of my own, where the hell do you start looking from there? Answer: Lizzie McGuire. Hellz yeah.

And so begun the year or so of Metamorphosis playing on repeat ALL THE TIME. I still know all the words.
This was probably when I was about 10, and also on the scene was the ever-popular (lol) Baby, One More Time CD, and my party mix CDs and So Fresh CDs. A promising start, I think you'll agree.

Year 7 was the fateful, lonely HilsD concert. I was actually driven there with Aleks and her family, but unfortunately, they had seats, and I was too hardcore for seats, so we went our separate ways at the doors, and I spent the whole concert trying to psych myself up enough to dance.
I did.
Picture it: me, 13 and awkward, trying and failing to wear make-up like a cool kid, dancing around in the mosh pit for Hilary Duff.
And this is why I blog. So that people can laugh at me.
No wonder no-one loves me.
(Ohhhh, that self-deprecating humour. Always a winner.)

Anyway, it was after the end of this traumatic (though I didn't know it yet) year that the first change came.
And it was a big'un.

During the 2005/6 summer holidays, my oldest and incredibly lovely friend Courtney came up to visit me from Melbourne -- with her family we weren't old (cool) enough for solo trips -- bringing with her the cheap and kinda dodgy mp3 player she had. On this, she made me listen to three songs. Oh Happy Day, a Christina Aguilera song -- that resulted in a sad, but thankfully brief foray into buying and listening to her CD --, and finally, and most importantly, Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team) by Taking Back Sunday.

I think I learnt the words to this song within a day, had (totally legally ...) downloaded all of the other songs that Taking Back Sunday had out at the time within a week, and within a month and my return to school, made all my friends (Sarah) listen to them. I then spent the next 6 months, every lunch, with my iPod on, one headphone in my ear, one in Sarah's, walking around listening to TBS.
I was frantic.
It was different.
It was new.
And it was a little bit rebellious.
Seriously, the line "... you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologise for bleeding on your shirt" was actually the most amazing thing I'd ever heard.

And so began what I like to call The Emo Years.
Taking Back Sunday lead to dark eye make-up, which lead to Hawthorne Heights, which lead to skinnies, which lead to Matchbook Romance, which lead to black hair, which lead to Panic! at the Disco when they were still exclaiming, and on and on.
And through all that?
I was using those display pictures of lyrics and pictures as my MSN profile picture.
Remember? No?
Well ...


(it's taking back sunday, lulz)


Just thought I'd give you some examples. #helper

So, while this may seem totally irrelevant and random, it was while using these silly things (thatisecretlystillLOVE) that I stumbled across one.

Now, it wasn't exactly that one (I wasn't THAT lame) but it had the same words.
Man, I loved those words.
I saw that, and had it as my picture, and I was like "That's awesome! What could it be from?" Did the internet generation thing and googled and, and found a song.
I would post the song here, but blogspot sucks, so I can't.
Here's a link if you're curious.
No really, here.
Sorry, couldn't resist.

Wow. Now we're on to the Brand New years.
I love Brand New.
That little gif up there is responsible for me finding my favourite band. Ever.
Topped Taking Back Sunday. Topped Hilary Duff. Topped everything. Still does.
And you know what? I went to a Brand New concert by myself and I'm not even ashamed of it.

Anyway ... I went from random emo to falling in love with this band, and I still love them
A little gif changed my life.

And it's gone from Hilary Duff, to Taking Back Sunday, to The Emo Years (@Sarah, lol, year 8), to Brand New, to my serious and long-term relationship with YouTube musicians, to having completely open musican horizons (excl. hip hop, rap, and RnB [excl. Hilltop Hoods]). And I love it.

Now, Brand New, YouTube music, Trock, Wrock and weird awesome random bands are fill my iPod and it's some of the best things I've ever heard. And while I'm sure I'll progress past some of these, I am so happy with the contributions they have made to me.

So, in summary, I start too many paragraphs with 'so' and I have no idea what this post was about, but I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it, and finding out the embarrassing stories of my past.
Don't laugh at me IRL, please?

Someone googled oddlings.
And it linked to me.
And oddlings are actually a thing.
Crazy world.

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