Friday, 29 October 2010

Sleep stuff-that-happens

I think this is going to be a post about stuff that goes on while your asleep (could also be a hint to my NaNo, oh!).

I was lying, pretty much fully asleep the other day, when someone walked into my room. This was while I was staying in a hotel, and it was because my dad came in from HIS room to check on me, not just some crazy, room-entering person. I was suddenly completely awake. He hadn't made a noise. Hadn't even opened the door enough to let light in and I couldn't see him, but in my mostly asleep state, I had absolute certainty that there was someone there and woke up accordingly. Crazy sleep senses!

On the OTHER toe, I mean foot, I mean hand, the other night I went to bed all pajama-ed up, and woke up without my pajama pants on. You know, no biggie. But I have no recollection of removing them. At all. WHAT?!
I just went to get out of bed in the morning and realised my legs were a whole lot colder than they normally are.

Other times, my mum has had entire conversations with me when I've been sleeping, but she was sure I had woken up, I was responsive and everything, and then I have had no memory of the alleged conversation.

One time, I think I went and stood at the back door, and called out to my mum (who may or may not have been in the back yard, I don't know) that I urgently needed textas for school the next day. But that may have been a dream.

My brother once sleep-went-to-the-loo (love youuuu Andrew =] ).

My point is, some crazy stuff happens while you think you're sleeping.
Tha's all.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010


So, the NaNoWriMo site told me that one of the ways to success was to tell everyone about THE NOVEL I AM (abouttobe) WRITING.

Hey, Oddlings, I have something to tell you.

Are you all jealous of my ducky fork?

This November, I am participating in NaNoWriMo!
I know! This is definitely NOT the third or fourth time I've mentioned it, and you ARE just reading it for the first time.

A plot teaser, to prove I have one:
It's about a girl.
And a boy.
And many, many dreams.
And it has a sad ending, I think. I haven't decided if it's going to be sad or not. I like the sad ending, but I don't want people to hate me. But the main character is kind of dislikeable.

So there! I have a plot.

Some worries:
I don't know if I will commit to it enough. Already I have a lot of things going on: tutoring (I teach), drum lessons, for which I don't practise nearly enough, assessment, basketball coaching, and November is the month I have my final exams, which aren't counting, but still. I don't have an incredibly strong desire to fail.
And I am so, so worried that I will just kind of choose to put it off the first couple days, get behind, and then choose to have a big sit down and write, but not yet, and then get too far behind to catch up and then LOSE.
And I am not a loser!
I also really don't know if what I write will be long enough/any good, but on that front, I'm just trying to listen to Frezned's advice: just write something. It doesn't matter if it's horrible, because worse novels have undoubtedly been written and published. Even if it's terrible, it's still 50,000 words that wouldn't have otherwise existed, and you still get the sense of accomplishment.

So, guys. I need your help.
Help keep me motivated.
Tell me my story is good, even if it's rotten.
Be kind.
And continue being wonderful.

Who knows, I might even post bits here.

Mother Oddling out!
[mother? weird ...]

p.s. I didn't edit this, because I'm trying to get in to NaNo, no editing until December frame of mind.
But maybe I'll get another brilliant word like Oddlings out of it.

Monday, 25 October 2010

My trouser hams are not for sale, sir!

You know what ticks me off?
"I'm feeling kinda T.O.'d."
No, not Napoleon Dynamite.

Awesome quotes [quotations] that have no relevance to anything I will ever say in my life, and if I choose to ignore that, and say them any way, end up with me being ostracized (oh!) from people for just generally being a weirdo freak-face.

So, I have decided that whenever I have an amazing quote that will earn me five minutes in the stupid corner in everyday life (reality blows) then I will instead, post it here.

Maybe at the end of the entry.
Maybe in the middle, out of context and out of control.
Maybe it will BE the post.

And no, I may not include quotation marks, so you may not know. HA!
How's that for tricky and sneaky computering?


I hope, my Oddlings, you enjoy the brief and absurd adventures into my mind that will surely be forthcoming.
I think.

I'd have used my robot hand for good!

[also, i'm doing nanowrimo so wish me luck. i have a plot and hopefully more grammar than right here. i just have to plan and hope to heck that my plot is long enough. i shall try and give you updates. i'm really scared. ahh. ahh. ahhhhh.]

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My desperate need

for a new camera.

Ever since getting into Youtube, I've been having this issue where, instead of going to sleep when I'm lying in bed at night, I think about brilliant* ideas for videos.
Like, things that are funny*, things that are interesting*, things that are musical*. All sorts!

And do you know what all these wonderful ideas* prevent me from doing?
Going to sleep!
I am so tired.
But that is beside the point. All in the name of creativity, right?

Well, let me just say, it would be a lot easier to sleep if I could execute some of these ideas and then stop FLIPPIN' THINKING about them when I am trying to escape to the beautiful Land of Nod.

[Anything using the phrase Land of Nod gets +100 Awesome Points.]

The other issue I have is that I'm most creative* when I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep.
When I have no pen and paper around.
And when sleep erases all memory of the previous night's thoughts from my mind.
So I have had a number of super swell ideas*, not wanted to write them down because, for goodness SAKE, I AM TRYING TO SLEEP, and then ... I forget them

Stupid brain. What's it good for anyway?!

So that is my rant.
And the way this ties to the camera is that if I had a video camera, I could film these things in good quality (I don't want to put anything else on my channel with this dodgy webcam. My collab is different though. Go check it out: [REDACTED]).
Then these ideas would LEAVE ME ALONE.

Lots of caps today and nothing vair interesting.
I felt kind of obliged to write something because I'm going away tomorrow and won't be able to post until Monday (I don't think), and this was the best I could do.

I will be back with my usual* wit* and astonishing* prose* as soon as humanly possible.

AdiĆ³s Oddlings!
Yes, Oddlings got a capital today. As a sign of my respect for you.
And yes, Oddlings is your new and permanent name.
I think it creates a sense of community.

*Oh, she's so modest!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

tract or break unhindered.

I would like a
vision ...
Unveiled bed,
the picture were
hobbling anon
a low wall, an'
asked the
tradition to ak
free and coned.
One of the 1
crushing blaout
in fear, and ing
sighs of reliks
of the Lady
Pain, in order of
walking pro.
Their arms
and I saw the
support. Lated.
This little give
held out.

By Adrienne May and a piece of paper that was folded to give these words.

Authors note (me, not the paper): There are no typos. I took some artistic liberty and added in grammar and such when appropriate, but otherwise, that's what's on the paper. The title also came from the same piece of writing, folded at a different point.
I thought it was oddly beautiful.

Also, unveiled bed is hilarious.And no, I don't know what ak means.
Think up your own amazing anagram! (andenterthembelowascomments)

EDIT: See a couple of lines above where it says 'oddly'? Yeah, I just changed it to that. Before, it said 'oddling'. Even my typos are awesome.

Farewell, my oddlings.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I scream! Ice cream?

If you eat ice cream, does that make you an ice cream eater? (I am 99.9'% sure there should be a hyphen there, but am not 100% sure where it should go, so omission it is!)

What if you've only eaten ice cream once? Are you an ice cream eater then?

What about if you've eaten ice cream, and you didn't enjoy it?

What about if you'd eaten ice cream more than once, and didn't enjoy it?

Who decides if you're a something-er or not? I don't like to think of myself as an ice cream eater, or even as The Ice Cream Eater, but I do eat ice cream, and I do like ice cream.
If the world was divided into ice cream eaters and non-ice cream eaters (or nice cream eaters?) then where would you be?
And what about babies? I think that if they had eaten ice cream, it would have been fed to them by their parents because their little paws hands couldn't do it for themselves. They didn't choose to eat the ice cream. It was force-fed. What if they don't want the title of The Ice Cream Eater, or even of ice cream eater.

That's just not fair on the babies. They should get to choose their eatership.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Facbook. Is there anything it can't do?

I am a tired little bean! Most likely a coffee bean. I'd far rather be a coffee bean than a green bean. Or worse, a kidney bean. Shall we just say coffee bean? Or shall we just address the real business?
I just wanted to say, if you're reading this, you pretty much define awesome.
After posting the link to this on my Facebook (not Facbook, Adrienne! Just because you're tired does not mean you can sacrifice your spelling and grammar!), I got more views in one day than I would get in two weeks, so thank you, Facebook (again with the Facbook!) and thank you, you for bothering to validate my time wasting. :D

Seriously, if they can make a movie about Facebook - and what is UP with them making a movie about Facebook?! - then I can use it to shamelessly plug the blog that I ended up liking a lot more than I originally anticipated.

No joke. I was expected this to be something I was kind of ashamed of, that I was only happy with random internet people reading, or people that didn't really know me. This was probabaly mainly because at the start, I had no idea how this was going to turn out. But as it's been pointed out to me by Captain Awesome, this doesn't really have a theme, or any sort of running idea or motivation. And you know what? I'm cool with it. I'm down with that. I'm hip. (lol)
And because I'm so pleased with it, I'm glad you're reading this, whether you know me or not.

Thank you, lovely people, for entertaining the notion of my themeless writings.

And I know you're really just reading this because I consistently dazzle you with my wit, huh?
lol JK
poop. :)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Empty Child

Ah! AHH!! So I am just watching The Empty Child right now, and am either 10 minutes and 36 seconds in or 18 minutes and 36 seconds in, and if you've seen this you'd know that it's about the empty child, who can make phones ring and radios play and other electrical things do electrical things with his mind, and uses them to ask for his 'mummy'.

So I was just sitting watching, kind of pretty scared because it's kind of pretty scary, and JUST as he's making all these electrical things go bonkers and sticking his bleeding hand through the mail flap, and the phone is ringing like mad, home phone rang.
I jumped like a mad thing.

Something else? The person calling was my mum. RIGHT?!

So ... now I'm too scared to go out and feed my rabbit in the backyard. In the dark. In the cold.
It's ten minutes later and my heart is still flippin' the heck out.
And then my mobile just went on. Crap.

Wish me luck for the next episode and a half.

Edit: it was 18 minutes. I know you were worried.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Apple should start paying me. So should DFTBA.

I don't know about you, but my first day back at school for a year, semester, or in this case term, is not cause for great excitement. This morning, I had my last first day of school (excluding uni) and I was not looking forward to it! I spent the entire second week of the holidays pretty much dreading it, and of course, it came a whole lot quicker for that.
So this morning, I was sitting on the bus thinking about the dreams I had last night (I have some crazy detailed dreams), and listening to music. I was kind of bummed because my iPod is getting old so the battery doesn't last long, and my (stupid!) cat chewed my headphones a bit so they're about to break, and to try and get myself in a more positive mood, I put it on my Youtube-related music playlist.

Just wow.
I don't know if all these people I don't know are aware of this, but holy magolas (mah-GO-lahs) guys, you make music that cheers me right the heck up. I ended up showing at school, totally pumping, due to a perfect combination of ALL CAPS, MoM, Tom Milsom, Alex Day, Hank Green, StarKid Potter and a couple other wonderful people.

It was intense.

So I know this was kind of a lame post, but having just read Alex Day's most recent blog post,, I know he's feeling a bit down, so if you're a fan, go show him some love. In a non-crazy-stalker-fangirl way.


Also, big thumbs up and mega high 5s to all of you who went and showed Aleks's Day some lovin'. I know she really appreciated it.
[not sponsored by, I swear]

Sunday, 10 October 2010

These are a few of my fav --... Nah. Let's not.

Soft toys.
Warm cuddles.
Special wall things.
Drums (but not mine).
TV shows.
Bad movies.
Smooth legs.
My lava lamp.
Sarcastic characters.
New CDs.
My Godric Gryffindor sword.
Rice paper decorations.
Twitter, oddly.
My Zefron poster.
Funny texts.
Sweet tunes.
Using HP spells in everyday life.
Blog entries.
Amusing pseudonyms.
Toasted sandwiches.
Sonic screwdrivers.

Avada Kedavra!
Sorry, that wasn't very nice.
It's OK. I left my wand at home.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Sprock! Inspired by Aleks's Day

Does anyone here watch Star Trek and live in Australia and have some level of music ability and songwriting ability?
Wow, I really narrowed the field with each condition, huh?

So, much like Alex Day came up with idea of genre of Doctor Who music T(imelord)rock, I came up with the idea of Sprock (I actually don't know if this idea is original, because I have done el zilcho research, but let's just say I made it up), and this genre is music based on Star Trek.
I think it's a super awesome idea, but alas, I think I have only seen one episode of Star Trek in my life, and have no access to it, I can't really do it.
I want to make a Sprock band, in case you didn't get that.

And don't question me just because the only reason I want to make this band is because 'Sprock' is an awesome name for a genre. I'm sure I would love Star Trek if I watched it.
So calm down!

Also, check out to see me friend's blog, who also wrote about Sprock, albeit briefly.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I don't like writing my titles before I write the blog, because honestly? I never have much of an idea where what I'm writing is going. I'll start out with one idea, and it will end up incorporating that, but not as much as I thought.
What I like to do is just write down whatever I think, when I think it.

Like this entry? Yeah, I came to this "New Post" page with no idea what I was going to write; I'm just here because I want to make consistent entries, but nothing blog-able really happened today.
I watched as Captain Awesome killed a whole bunch of zombies (like 1000 zombies!).
I played a lot of cards (Monopoly Deal, 500, and a game with no name).
I did some dishes (nothing to put in parentheses here, oh wait --).
I fed my rabbit (unlike yesterday, when I may have kind of maybe forgot ... :/ but he got food in the evening so it was OK).

But you know what? I think that it's OK to just write whatever comes to mind at the time, because that's what a blog is, and what's the point in having a blog if I just censor my thoughts.
Ooooh, opinions.

So ... that was pretty much my day.

Inspiring last words?
[after ten minutes of staring at this screen and coming up with nothing, I'll just stick with this]
You're beautiful, thanks for reading.
I promise more compliments if you keep reading my blog.
There's some inspiration ... to keep reading.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Supernote 2010

Supernote 2010. If you don't know what it is, uh, find out. My internet is going too slow for me to get the links for you now. :)
Anyway, it's basically a Youtube competition to find out who can hold the longest musical note, abiding my certain rules and regulations. It's an idea that's been formed by Rhett and Link, and while this isn't the first year it's happened, this is the first year I've properly known about it.
So you sing your note for one of a selection of teams, and while your note might get you no-where near winning, there are also prizes that go to the team with the longest collective time, so I was trying to recruit my brother to do one, to help my team.

This is our conversation:
Me: Hey, can you go in this thing called Supernote?
Him: Uh, what is it?
Me: You pretty much just have to make a video of you holding a note for as long as you can and submit it to a team.
Him: That's stupid. No.
[a few hours later, and I was practising during lunch]
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
My mum: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Him: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Me: It's harder than I thought! I watched one guy, Tom Milsom's video, and he held it for like, a minute and 20 seconds! Maybe I'l practise standing up, that helps.
Him: OH! Is that what you meant? Holding notes, like musically. I thought you meant [sentence dissolves into uncontrollable laughter, from which I gather that he honestly thought that Supernote 2010 was competition to see who could hold a piece of paper up for the longest].

Friday, 1 October 2010

Tiny little secrets.

So, I was doing so well at posting every second day.
And yesterday, I failed. I must admit, yesterday I actually honestly thought that I had posted the day before, and I even had something to write about! But I thought two posts in two days was a bit keen, so I didn't and look where it got me.
But if it makes you feel any better I'll write about the thing I was going to talk about yesterday, and it will feel like I didn't miss a day! It'll be amazing.

So yesterday [or today], I was walking through the city listening to music on my mp3 device (no product placement here!*) and as a Wizard Rock song came on and I was mentally (w)rocking out, I walked passed all the hardcore emo kids hanging out, smoking and skating and stuff. And for a few moments I felt like the weirdest person on Earth, and then I started to feel like my Wrock was a secret treasure I was carrying around, and these people will never know the wonders of it. It was my tiny, momentary secret.

AndSoIJust wanted to share that with you, and this post has a message, which is to recognise and find those tiny little secret moments in your life, whatever it may be, and remember it.

Another tiny little secret moment of mine:
When my cat and I had a cuddly time on the sofa, and we had a meowy conversation.

Last Tweet: Dear @ :) it'd be crazy if all the birthday messages made you trend. But you're already trendy to us. Happy Birthday! :D
Because I am a nice person.

*aside from that entire blog post about the iPad. Oh screw it, I was listening to my iPod.