Tuesday, 19 October 2010

tract or break unhindered.

I would like a
vision ...
Unveiled bed,
the picture were
hobbling anon
a low wall, an'
asked the
tradition to ak
free and coned.
One of the 1
crushing blaout
in fear, and ing
sighs of reliks
of the Lady
Pain, in order of
walking pro.
Their arms
and I saw the
support. Lated.
This little give
held out.

By Adrienne May and a piece of paper that was folded to give these words.

Authors note (me, not the paper): There are no typos. I took some artistic liberty and added in grammar and such when appropriate, but otherwise, that's what's on the paper. The title also came from the same piece of writing, folded at a different point.
I thought it was oddly beautiful.

Also, unveiled bed is hilarious.And no, I don't know what ak means.
Think up your own amazing anagram! (andenterthembelowascomments)

EDIT: See a couple of lines above where it says 'oddly'? Yeah, I just changed it to that. Before, it said 'oddling'. Even my typos are awesome.

Farewell, my oddlings.

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