Monday, 25 October 2010

My trouser hams are not for sale, sir!

You know what ticks me off?
"I'm feeling kinda T.O.'d."
No, not Napoleon Dynamite.

Awesome quotes [quotations] that have no relevance to anything I will ever say in my life, and if I choose to ignore that, and say them any way, end up with me being ostracized (oh!) from people for just generally being a weirdo freak-face.

So, I have decided that whenever I have an amazing quote that will earn me five minutes in the stupid corner in everyday life (reality blows) then I will instead, post it here.

Maybe at the end of the entry.
Maybe in the middle, out of context and out of control.
Maybe it will BE the post.

And no, I may not include quotation marks, so you may not know. HA!
How's that for tricky and sneaky computering?


I hope, my Oddlings, you enjoy the brief and absurd adventures into my mind that will surely be forthcoming.
I think.

I'd have used my robot hand for good!

[also, i'm doing nanowrimo so wish me luck. i have a plot and hopefully more grammar than right here. i just have to plan and hope to heck that my plot is long enough. i shall try and give you updates. i'm really scared. ahh. ahh. ahhhhh.]

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  1. Your blog is, how to put this? Amusing :)
    You always were adorably funny. :D