Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Empty Child

Ah! AHH!! So I am just watching The Empty Child right now, and am either 10 minutes and 36 seconds in or 18 minutes and 36 seconds in, and if you've seen this you'd know that it's about the empty child, who can make phones ring and radios play and other electrical things do electrical things with his mind, and uses them to ask for his 'mummy'.

So I was just sitting watching, kind of pretty scared because it's kind of pretty scary, and JUST as he's making all these electrical things go bonkers and sticking his bleeding hand through the mail flap, and the phone is ringing like mad, home phone rang.
I jumped like a mad thing.

Something else? The person calling was my mum. RIGHT?!

So ... now I'm too scared to go out and feed my rabbit in the backyard. In the dark. In the cold.
It's ten minutes later and my heart is still flippin' the heck out.
And then my mobile just went on. Crap.

Wish me luck for the next episode and a half.

Edit: it was 18 minutes. I know you were worried.

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