Friday, 29 October 2010

Sleep stuff-that-happens

I think this is going to be a post about stuff that goes on while your asleep (could also be a hint to my NaNo, oh!).

I was lying, pretty much fully asleep the other day, when someone walked into my room. This was while I was staying in a hotel, and it was because my dad came in from HIS room to check on me, not just some crazy, room-entering person. I was suddenly completely awake. He hadn't made a noise. Hadn't even opened the door enough to let light in and I couldn't see him, but in my mostly asleep state, I had absolute certainty that there was someone there and woke up accordingly. Crazy sleep senses!

On the OTHER toe, I mean foot, I mean hand, the other night I went to bed all pajama-ed up, and woke up without my pajama pants on. You know, no biggie. But I have no recollection of removing them. At all. WHAT?!
I just went to get out of bed in the morning and realised my legs were a whole lot colder than they normally are.

Other times, my mum has had entire conversations with me when I've been sleeping, but she was sure I had woken up, I was responsive and everything, and then I have had no memory of the alleged conversation.

One time, I think I went and stood at the back door, and called out to my mum (who may or may not have been in the back yard, I don't know) that I urgently needed textas for school the next day. But that may have been a dream.

My brother once sleep-went-to-the-loo (love youuuu Andrew =] ).

My point is, some crazy stuff happens while you think you're sleeping.
Tha's all.


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  1. And let's not forget about my sleep-dragoning! :D