Friday, 1 October 2010

Tiny little secrets.

So, I was doing so well at posting every second day.
And yesterday, I failed. I must admit, yesterday I actually honestly thought that I had posted the day before, and I even had something to write about! But I thought two posts in two days was a bit keen, so I didn't and look where it got me.
But if it makes you feel any better I'll write about the thing I was going to talk about yesterday, and it will feel like I didn't miss a day! It'll be amazing.

So yesterday [or today], I was walking through the city listening to music on my mp3 device (no product placement here!*) and as a Wizard Rock song came on and I was mentally (w)rocking out, I walked passed all the hardcore emo kids hanging out, smoking and skating and stuff. And for a few moments I felt like the weirdest person on Earth, and then I started to feel like my Wrock was a secret treasure I was carrying around, and these people will never know the wonders of it. It was my tiny, momentary secret.

AndSoIJust wanted to share that with you, and this post has a message, which is to recognise and find those tiny little secret moments in your life, whatever it may be, and remember it.

Another tiny little secret moment of mine:
When my cat and I had a cuddly time on the sofa, and we had a meowy conversation.

Last Tweet: Dear @ :) it'd be crazy if all the birthday messages made you trend. But you're already trendy to us. Happy Birthday! :D
Because I am a nice person.

*aside from that entire blog post about the iPad. Oh screw it, I was listening to my iPod.

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