Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rationalised the hell out of that!

I love putting too much detergent in the sink when I'm doing the dishes and making huge bubble mountains and valleys, and then pretending that the dishes I'm washing are invading forces, coming to cause havoc in the beautiful planet.
It's basically Super Mario Galaxy in my sink.
Or something.

It was today that I realised that I could be making a social comment on humanity's tendancy to come into a place, create all this dirt and grossness in the existing environment, and destroy the pretty bubble real mountains.

But really I just like making bubble mountains and UFO noises (plates are flying saucers) to make doing to dishes less horrible.
And using a whole lot of detergent.

On a side note, I got Super Mario Galaxy today.
That is, Captain Awesome got it.

My Last Tweet: [was telling meekakitty to feel good :)]

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