Sunday, 26 September 2010

Positives - What an upbeat title!

My life needs more positive things. Everyone's life needs more positive things.
Can't have too many good things! Unless it's ... trees. Trees are good, but if we had too many, we would die because there would be nowhere to live. Unless we became tree people. And built houses and bridges in the trees. Would we still have skyscrapers? Or would it become more of an achievement to reach the ground? Groundscrapers. Floorscrapers. Earthscrapers. I like earthscrapers.
I think I'm going to go ahead with the blog now and leave the trees and various scrapers alone.
So for some positives, I'm writing a list of things I'm good at.

I kick ARSE at card games.
Uno, Monopoly Deal, Canasta, Up and Down the River, Skip Bo, Poker. Just as long as it's not 500, I'm set.

I have managed to maintain this blog for nearly two weeks now, which is longer than, I'll admit, I anticipated.
I have also managed to maintain my collab vlog (

I haven't handed any assessment in late and lost marks for it in about 3 years.

I'm a dedicated fan.
When I commit to something, I fully commit. I don't just stick around for Alex Reads Twilight videos, I watch them all; I don't just read Harry Potter once, I do it many, many times. I don't just be a half nerd. I go the whole way.

I can have huge waves of creativity.
Rarely, but still. They're there.
The hard part is expressing them adequately.

I get -- no. I forgot. In between starting this sentence and coming back to finish it after checking I spelt adequately correctly (I did, but it looked funny in this font), I forgot.

I like dark chocolate.
Perhaps not a positive thing about me, but a nice hint if you're looking to give me a present.
I also like presents.

I think I've picked some truly astounding friends.
On that, I'm also pretty trusting and trustworthy.

I am out of things.

Score in Canasta: 2655. Opponents on 1800 and 900.
Yeah, I know. I don't like to brag.

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