Friday, 24 September 2010

My clothes and I go way back.

So yesterday, I was innocently packing my bag to go from my mum's house to my dad's house, quite tired, quite late at night, but I don't think that has anything to do with it.
In order to pack a selection of shirts, I got a big pile out of my drawer, and proceeded to put the ones I wanted to take in the suitcase and the ones I didn't want to take in the not-suitcase (a.k.a. on the floor, where they remain to this day). It was about halfway through this exercise that I realised that not only was I telling my shirts which ones of them were going, I was also sympathetically explaining to each of them why they weren't being picked to come with my on this occasion, and outlining future occasions when they would be suitable for my travels.
I then thought something along the lines of "Wow, that's weird."
And continued to do it for the entire suitcase, expanding to include pants, shoes, socks and various essential cables (I don't want to be discriminatory).
That was when I realised I cracked it.
And then thought "ha! What a freak. I should blog about that."

And here we are.

Today, I decided to watch some Alex Reads Twilight again, now that I've watched all of Alex's other video and know him (yeah, personally. We're tight. HA!), and wow it's weird. Not better or worse. Just really different. That's my advice of the day: if you're way into something (a vlog, a book, a blog, whatevvvvs), and have immersed yourself in it, go back and [watch/read/listen/danceto/sing/cook/idon'tknow] the first thing of that that you ever encountered. Does that make sense? I think it makes sense. Let's say it makes sense.

My achievement for this week was learning all the words in the chorus to Tom Milsom's song Indigo. I'm very excited about that. Which is why (see below)
My last tweet: cosmic latte, tangerine.

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