Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Life is Worse than Average. A less emo blog than the title makes it out to be.

I wish I could spend all my time not doing homework and assignments for school.
Yestderday, the most depressing thing possible happened to someone with three assignments to be done by Monday: I rang and talked to my good friend Alex, and he got to tell me about the fact that he's finished school. Yeah, same city, same grade, but he gets to be finished, while I still have another 7 weeks of school, including exams. In this situation, someone wins and someone loses. Dammit.

So now, it's 11 on Saturday morning, and I have to do my Religion creative (something something Bhagavad Gita creative something something quotations), my Maths, and my English which is probably the worst, because it's not actually compulsory; just preparation for an in-class task I have. All that within the next 36 hours. Which doesn't sound too bad until you realise that I do have to sleep at some point, and go to dinner, and actually get materials for my creative.
And to make the whole weekend worse, my mum is blaring her Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. You wish you lived in my house! *cough*

In other, more exciting news, on Monday, I get to go to Sydney for Psychology. Oh yeahh. We 'get' to walk around King's Cross. At night. Unsupervised. Taking notes on the locals. That can only end in funtime shenanigans for all!
But it should actually be a really fun trip. Despite the fact that I'm in year 12, which at any school would mean a whole bunch of independence and fun, at my school this means we get babied more than the younger kids. Seriously, we're not even allowed to take dates to the formal. We have to take our parents. I wish I was kidding. So on this trip, we get tons of independence, getting to look after ourselves, which is a welcome relief.

Can you tell I'm just writing more to avoid the horrors this weekend will hold, workwise?

Assignments: 3
Excitement: -3
I would say it's inversely proportionate, but that feels a bit too much like maths to me.

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