Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Ant Stole my Bloginity!

So, as might you have noticed, this is my first post. The idea of creating and, more importantly, maintaining a blog has been one that's been in my head for actually quite a while now. I spend so much of my time online, and always enjoyed keeping a diary -though hopefully this will be less angsty and insecure - so putting these two together is something that's been of interest to me.

But all that time when the idea was flitting around my head, I always wondered 'What the heck will I write about?' Having read a number of blogs, people always have such interesting or quirky or funny or intellectually diverting things to say, and, as much as I'd like to, I don't really feel I fit into any of these categories.
But while lying in bed one night, thinking about things, I imagined myself having a conversation with someone about how much I wanted an iPad (it's relevant, I swear).

It went like this:
Other Mystery Person (OMP): Do you have an iPad?
Me: No! Ahh, I want one so bad. I would kill for an iPad.
OMP: Really?
Me: Well, maybe not like, a person. But an animal. But not like, a big animal. A small animal. Er ... Maybe just an ant. But you can't tell me I'm killing it. Don't say it's murder! It's not! Just say it's drinking a sweet, if poisonous drink. No -- don't say poison. Just say I need to remove it from suffering. And I'll squash it. Just as long as I don't think of it as murder. I'd do that for an iPad. Can I have my iPad?

And after having this stupid mental conversation with myself, I went on to think about starting a blog (don't even ask me how I got there) and the fact that I'm boring and uninteresting. And then I remembered the conversation I'd just had in my head with a person who does not exist; I decided at that if I can have that imaginary conversation with myself, I can probably manage to think up something to blog about.

So, I'm putting this out in the great wide world of the internet. Maybe no-one except myself will read it, but if that's the case, it's really just a diary that I posted on-line.

Ant squashing is murder. No other way to cut it.
But I still really want an iPad.

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