Saturday, 5 May 2012

A blossoming love story

This following post is inspired by the oatmeal post about how to be obnoxious on facebook.
A suggestion of a thing to do that isn't obnoxious and stupid is:
Write an epic love story involving cage-fighting nuns and tanks
(It may not be epic in length, but it will be epic in epicness)
So you will now find the map of the Realms of Jasmire (you heard me) and the first few words of the story. The map took me freaking forever though, so it's not as much as you know whatever deal with it.

Chapter One:
Once upon a time, there was a war. It wasn't the biggest war ever or the meanest war ever or the hardest war ever, but it wasn't the smallest, nicest or easiest war ever either. It was kind of like the Baby Bear bowl of porridge in Goldilocks, war-wise.
We begin in the land of Fymh. The war has just started, and the Fymhian government are the ones who started it. Well, not to hear them tell it, but everyone knows that they did. Over the last few months of campaigning, they moved thousands of conscripted Fymhians into the land of Lepodurus. The north of Lepodurus is now in a constant state of turmoil, with petty battles everyday for scraps of land. The previously green fields are now dead, muddy mires, with the boot prints of both armies sunk in everywhere.
The Lepodurites have so far held their ground well, particularly after drawing up allies from the south, in Willowgard and Durak, and calling the always gentle Larvirians down to tend the wounded.
Fymh, its leaders having spent the last 200 years of their rule fighting the surrounding nations, have no allies to call upon.
But the conscripted men and women fight hard for Fymh and one cadet in particular is vehement in his defence of his land.


Early birthday present

It's sideways on purpose and not because there's something wrong that won't let me rotate the file literally any of the ways I can.
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS IT. That is not a question because I know the answer. All the beautifuls.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm not really sure of anything written after this title ... Don't quote me on any of it.

So first off, let me address this issue:
I missed the HARRY POTTER and SONG OF ICE AND FIRE teefury mash up? (see below)
Tell me, can I honestly say my life still has meaning given that I missed perhaps my only opportunity to own this shirt? Because I don't think I can. I really don't think I can. Unless I get the wallet for my birthday.
Now, credit where it's due and whatever. I don't want to get in internet trouble*.
This let me just say amazing shirt was designed by this I'm-going-to-go-with guy:
the50ftsnail and posted on teefury
Sir (I assume), if you have tracking on your name and you find this, I will give you much money to own this. I  will give you ALL the money (in my wallet right now which is like $60AUD or something I guess)

 A School of Ice & Fire

So I will continue to mentally shoot myself in the head (which is an impressive feat, we can both agree, but not an impressive feet, necessarily) and tell you that today I did a silly thing. When I SHOULD (and was a little bit!) have been doing one of my psych assignment (eughhhhhh), I got a call from the DARLING Rita, and guess what?!
Daramalan College Open Evening toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And I totally went and it was totally awesome.
Teachers, the piercing sense of nostalgia, the repression of any negative memory from there so that it seems like it was actually the best place in the universe, the hospitality food.
Ahh. Good times good times.
I thought this would be a far more poignant, emotional piece, about the struggle to grow up contrasted with the sadness over loss of youth.
Nope. It was just a couple of sentences.
But man, those sandwiches.
I mean sentences.
That is a very subtle Arrested Development reference.
Not so subtle now.
Kind of glaringly obvious, and clearly stated, by my previous clear statement.

*if i haven't done this right or if it's still a not allowed thing because it's your design don't sue me. i will take it down. the fans will cry, most likely. but i am a bigger person than that. just.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Day I Fell In Love

It was a crisp afternoon in Canberra on the 2nd May 2012. My mum and I stopped into Kingston to pick up her shoes, and we wandered over to this shop she told me I might like.
We walked in.
It was a gorgeous place. Kind of weird stuff, half of it terribly ugly, a quarter kind of OK, and the last quarter awesome.
It's the kind of place where there's this mix of clothes and jewellery and ornaments and other random stuff. It's also the kind of place that might organise their products by colour. They do do that. They're also the kind of place that give you a heated wheat bag caterpillar to cuddle while you're browsing, because it's cold outside.
I was looking around, there was a cool jacket, a cool watch, some nice earrings. I'd just got to the green section, when mum called me over.
She was at the front counter.
I walked over to see what she had.
And that's when it happened.
I was a goner from the moment I first laid eyes on
this wallet.
Oh god, it's beautiful.
It's just. I can't even.
What is air?

The softest Italian leather. The colours. The different shapes and sizes.
I have been needing a new wallet for a couple of months now, in case you were wondering. My current wallet, which I really LOVE because it's so pretty and badass, is unfortunately falling apart, and I've been lamenting the fact that soon I will have to get rid of it, and I haven't found a good replacement.
All of my worries are gone.
So here it is:
There's this really dark grey leather on the outside. The stitching is all bright blue.
And then you open it, and rainbows attack your eyes.
Each card pocket is a different, super bright colour.
Green, yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, ALL THE COLOURS are there and it makes you want to look and look forever.
It may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the world.
Which you could tell, by the price tag.
But it IS my birthday next week. And hey, who are you to deny true love?

Now excuse me, I have to go have wallet-filled dreams. Goodnight.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012