Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm not really sure of anything written after this title ... Don't quote me on any of it.

So first off, let me address this issue:
I missed the HARRY POTTER and SONG OF ICE AND FIRE teefury mash up? (see below)
Tell me, can I honestly say my life still has meaning given that I missed perhaps my only opportunity to own this shirt? Because I don't think I can. I really don't think I can. Unless I get the wallet for my birthday.
Now, credit where it's due and whatever. I don't want to get in internet trouble*.
This let me just say amazing shirt was designed by this I'm-going-to-go-with guy:
the50ftsnail and posted on teefury
Sir (I assume), if you have tracking on your name and you find this, I will give you much money to own this. I  will give you ALL the money (in my wallet right now which is like $60AUD or something I guess)

 A School of Ice & Fire

So I will continue to mentally shoot myself in the head (which is an impressive feat, we can both agree, but not an impressive feet, necessarily) and tell you that today I did a silly thing. When I SHOULD (and was a little bit!) have been doing one of my psych assignment (eughhhhhh), I got a call from the DARLING Rita, and guess what?!
Daramalan College Open Evening toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And I totally went and it was totally awesome.
Teachers, the piercing sense of nostalgia, the repression of any negative memory from there so that it seems like it was actually the best place in the universe, the hospitality food.
Ahh. Good times good times.
I thought this would be a far more poignant, emotional piece, about the struggle to grow up contrasted with the sadness over loss of youth.
Nope. It was just a couple of sentences.
But man, those sandwiches.
I mean sentences.
That is a very subtle Arrested Development reference.
Not so subtle now.
Kind of glaringly obvious, and clearly stated, by my previous clear statement.

*if i haven't done this right or if it's still a not allowed thing because it's your design don't sue me. i will take it down. the fans will cry, most likely. but i am a bigger person than that. just.

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