Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Day I Fell In Love

It was a crisp afternoon in Canberra on the 2nd May 2012. My mum and I stopped into Kingston to pick up her shoes, and we wandered over to this shop she told me I might like.
We walked in.
It was a gorgeous place. Kind of weird stuff, half of it terribly ugly, a quarter kind of OK, and the last quarter awesome.
It's the kind of place where there's this mix of clothes and jewellery and ornaments and other random stuff. It's also the kind of place that might organise their products by colour. They do do that. They're also the kind of place that give you a heated wheat bag caterpillar to cuddle while you're browsing, because it's cold outside.
I was looking around, there was a cool jacket, a cool watch, some nice earrings. I'd just got to the green section, when mum called me over.
She was at the front counter.
I walked over to see what she had.
And that's when it happened.
I was a goner from the moment I first laid eyes on
this wallet.
Oh god, it's beautiful.
It's just. I can't even.
What is air?

The softest Italian leather. The colours. The different shapes and sizes.
I have been needing a new wallet for a couple of months now, in case you were wondering. My current wallet, which I really LOVE because it's so pretty and badass, is unfortunately falling apart, and I've been lamenting the fact that soon I will have to get rid of it, and I haven't found a good replacement.
All of my worries are gone.
So here it is:
There's this really dark grey leather on the outside. The stitching is all bright blue.
And then you open it, and rainbows attack your eyes.
Each card pocket is a different, super bright colour.
Green, yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, ALL THE COLOURS are there and it makes you want to look and look forever.
It may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the world.
Which you could tell, by the price tag.
But it IS my birthday next week. And hey, who are you to deny true love?

Now excuse me, I have to go have wallet-filled dreams. Goodnight.

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