Monday, 11 October 2010

Apple should start paying me. So should DFTBA.

I don't know about you, but my first day back at school for a year, semester, or in this case term, is not cause for great excitement. This morning, I had my last first day of school (excluding uni) and I was not looking forward to it! I spent the entire second week of the holidays pretty much dreading it, and of course, it came a whole lot quicker for that.
So this morning, I was sitting on the bus thinking about the dreams I had last night (I have some crazy detailed dreams), and listening to music. I was kind of bummed because my iPod is getting old so the battery doesn't last long, and my (stupid!) cat chewed my headphones a bit so they're about to break, and to try and get myself in a more positive mood, I put it on my Youtube-related music playlist.

Just wow.
I don't know if all these people I don't know are aware of this, but holy magolas (mah-GO-lahs) guys, you make music that cheers me right the heck up. I ended up showing at school, totally pumping, due to a perfect combination of ALL CAPS, MoM, Tom Milsom, Alex Day, Hank Green, StarKid Potter and a couple other wonderful people.

It was intense.

So I know this was kind of a lame post, but having just read Alex Day's most recent blog post,, I know he's feeling a bit down, so if you're a fan, go show him some love. In a non-crazy-stalker-fangirl way.


Also, big thumbs up and mega high 5s to all of you who went and showed Aleks's Day some lovin'. I know she really appreciated it.
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