Sunday, 17 October 2010

I scream! Ice cream?

If you eat ice cream, does that make you an ice cream eater? (I am 99.9'% sure there should be a hyphen there, but am not 100% sure where it should go, so omission it is!)

What if you've only eaten ice cream once? Are you an ice cream eater then?

What about if you've eaten ice cream, and you didn't enjoy it?

What about if you'd eaten ice cream more than once, and didn't enjoy it?

Who decides if you're a something-er or not? I don't like to think of myself as an ice cream eater, or even as The Ice Cream Eater, but I do eat ice cream, and I do like ice cream.
If the world was divided into ice cream eaters and non-ice cream eaters (or nice cream eaters?) then where would you be?
And what about babies? I think that if they had eaten ice cream, it would have been fed to them by their parents because their little paws hands couldn't do it for themselves. They didn't choose to eat the ice cream. It was force-fed. What if they don't want the title of The Ice Cream Eater, or even of ice cream eater.

That's just not fair on the babies. They should get to choose their eatership.

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