Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I don't like writing my titles before I write the blog, because honestly? I never have much of an idea where what I'm writing is going. I'll start out with one idea, and it will end up incorporating that, but not as much as I thought.
What I like to do is just write down whatever I think, when I think it.

Like this entry? Yeah, I came to this "New Post" page with no idea what I was going to write; I'm just here because I want to make consistent entries, but nothing blog-able really happened today.
I watched as Captain Awesome killed a whole bunch of zombies (like 1000 zombies!).
I played a lot of cards (Monopoly Deal, 500, and a game with no name).
I did some dishes (nothing to put in parentheses here, oh wait --).
I fed my rabbit (unlike yesterday, when I may have kind of maybe forgot ... :/ but he got food in the evening so it was OK).

But you know what? I think that it's OK to just write whatever comes to mind at the time, because that's what a blog is, and what's the point in having a blog if I just censor my thoughts.
Ooooh, opinions.

So ... that was pretty much my day.

Inspiring last words?
[after ten minutes of staring at this screen and coming up with nothing, I'll just stick with this]
You're beautiful, thanks for reading.
I promise more compliments if you keep reading my blog.
There's some inspiration ... to keep reading.


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