Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Rules/z (The 'z' is optional. I'm accommodating, see?)

SOMEONE suggested this, and since I am kind and loving blog master, I am working to the wishes of the people by setting out the very strict and very srs rules. Rulez. Roolz.

 Srs bsnss.

1. Thou shalt laugh/chuckle/be amused at least once per blog.

2. If you (dropping all pretense of using archaic English) like it, you must tell me. It's the law. The law of the internet. Also of the world.

3. For BEDA, the 'day' is classified not as the period of time from midnight at the start of a day, until midnight at the end, but rather from when I wake up until when I go to sleep. Which means that posts that come at 1am count for the preceding day. Deal with it and don't send me prompting text messages (JERK)

4. You must have an appreciation for enjoyably bad things. This is possibly a less-than-legitimate rule, but I'm watching He's Just Not That Into You and that's what it made me think about.

5. You mustn't judge on my overuse of pink in the layout. Pink is how the cool kids kick it.

6. You must dance during all blog entries. For at least a second. Are you getting the impression that I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel because that's sure what I'm getting out of this.

7. The seventh rule of Blog Club is that you don't not talk about Blog Club. Double negative win. Also, I apologise for the 'Blog Club' thing, but rule writing is hard!

8. You must find interrobangs amusing, if inpractical and expressively confusing. -- Wait, what? You- You don't know what an interrobang is?


Andbutso, yeah.
9. You may only bring up embarrassing things you learn off here once per day. So, if I were to tell you about the time (... times ...) I went to Academy, you couldn't mention that more than once a day, 'cause dude, that is srsly humiliating.

10. You must not tease me for my
a) obsessive compulsions (power points, even numbers, rah rah rah)
b) fangirlisms
c) coolness factor of - 4
d) inability to party


Day 23 - A song you want to play at your wedding:
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional :)

Yes, I am aware this is yesterday's one, but I am posting twice today, because it was commanded of me. And I live to serve.

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