Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I need a Hufflepuff to FIND the answer!

So. Question.

The following is a map of the world colour-coded by the side of the road the people in it drive on.

Blue is left-hand traffic
Red is right-hand traffic

While I was Skyping with Rita (hello, Rita!) she mentioned the fact that she went to Belgium and Holland, and they drove on the wrong side of the road, by which she meant the right side of the road.
My question, which Wikipedia just unsuccessfully attempted to answer for me, is what happens at the border where you have to change sides.

Wikipedia just treated me like an idiot, saying "What the hell are you talking about? You just, like, swap over you freaking fool." ... Though in retrospect, I may have paraphrased it slightly ... But that's okay!
Sooooo, basically all Wikipedia could tell me was that at the border of relevant countries, the cars just swapped.

Surely you can't just swerve into the other lane and retain some semblance of responsible, safe driving! Is there a stop-over point? Transition point? I don't even know!
This was just something that was puzzling me so I though that considering there are people who read this from overseas, and considering that I found it hilariously perplexing, I'd ask y'all.
I'm trying to picture what a whole bunch of cars just changing side would look like. And what if you just missed the sign and kept driving on what had just become the wrong side of the road? How flipping scary would it be when I saw other cars on the same side of the road as you, hurtling towards you?!

And the other facet of this mysterious equation is: what side of the car does the wheel go on?!
I know it's not unheard of to have a right-hand driving car in a left-hand driving country like Australia, but surely it would be something that's weirdly common in the countries with borders on countries that drive on a different side?

Anway. That was just a thing that I was thinking and I wanted to share it with you because that's what this is and if you don't like it then talk to Alyce because she smiles and when I mention camels she giggles and gets a tiny bit breathless which just makes me love her and love her because she knows me and if you don't like it then you can talk to Alyce because -- what?


Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play:
Granger Danger by Starkid

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