Friday, 22 April 2011

So, I know what you're thinking.
"Adrienne works so late and complains about her job and wah wah wah, what a fool. Why doesn't she just get a new job? She could earn more at Baker's Delight (true) but noooo, she's staying and Southern Cross Ten."

Well, my young oddlings, I shall explain to you some things.

YES, I do work stupidly long hours. 
For example, this week I worked 12 or more hours every day, because we had 9 days of work to do in 4 days, because of the stupid Easter/Anzac Day long weekend. Most Fridays are at least as long as this, especially now that the AFL season has started, and Thursdays are pretty bad. In fact, I don't think I can remember the last time I was out of work on time (5.45).
So yeah, my hours suck.

And YES, I am so severly underpaid that it makes perks such as the examples to follow seem amazing and awesome. And once you read the perks, you may have an understanding of how underpaid I am, in order for those to be considered 'perks'.

And YES, it is in an incredibly awful location, to which there's only one bus service, and it doesn't always stop, and only comes every half hour up until 6.30, when it starts coming every hour, and it's next to this crazy dodgy motel/caravan park where we can sometimes see people getting it on, and it's very very very far away from not just both of my houses, but from everything in the whole world (except Bella's house).

And YES, there's no way to predict what time I'm going to finish, unless it gets to the point of being so late that they literally have to kick us out, because there's apparently some law that means if you finish one day of work and start the next at the same place within ten hours of each other, then you get paid double, so they actually had to kick us out at 10 in order to avoid that happening, and the lack of predictability means that when I need to get picked up, it's a case of 'Leave NOW!" and I end up waiting around for them to arrive for half an hour, or "Leave NOW!" and they end up waiting around for me to finish for half an hour.

The following is a list of the free stuff I've gotten while working there:
An Australian Idol hat
A mousepad which I use as a coaster/space-taker-upper-er.
Chips, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), lollies hot cross buns, Easter eggs, other varied foods
A Ke$ha CD (which I may or may not have then listened to on my computer while working. twice.)
A Southern Cross Media t-shirt
Warehouse tickets (legit perk)
NRL tickets
Some wicked cool friends :)
Access to a juke box and an awesome canteen (canteen = completely necessary, considering we're a 5 minutes drive to the nearest food-giving place)

So yeah ...
A convincing argument?

I gotta say, the wicked cool friends really are wicked cool, and I am intensely glad to know them. Even if they quit. And left the place quiet and lame.
Also, that Australian Idol hat is pretty much the most stylish and fashion savvy item of clothing in the whole entire world. So you should probably be jealous. Just sayin'.

[I kind of figured that since I complain about my job so much, and since it's responsible for ruining my social/sleeping/coolness/blogging life, I should explain a bit about it to you. If you're wondering what I actually do, I make sure that there's no sections of 'dead air' (you gotta get with the lingo!) by putting in times things start and crap, and also I put ads on. Jealous, right?]

Day 21 – A song that you listen to when you’re happy:
Holding On by Alex Day, or as he likes ot be known, Daleks.

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