Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I wish I had more music that made me feel things like Eddplant's music makes me feel things.
Late at night and in good company,
we talked of idleness and injury.
Problems and feelings shared,
now more than halved.
The stereo two rooms away repeated song we'd hear again,
and every song became a song about love
You were hesitant and I was naive.
Well, I was adamant and you had to concede. 
We were close,
but not as close as we might have come to be.

One thing led to another as the song always goes,
and we lay there in bed down to the last of our clothes.
And by the way, I tried to say 'I love you".

I held you close and gave you sympathy;
such little thanks for all you did for me.
But mine's a caring heart and yours was broken. 

And by the way, I tried to say 'I love you" 
but the words got jumbled up and I just kissed you again
and it was over before it started
and we parted.

12 wishes on 12 people:
I wish I could tell you all the things that I can't.
I wish you knew how much I wanted to be your friend. Just your friend for ever and ever.
I wish you knew how left behind you make me feel.
I wish you I knew I could trust you with my whole life.
I wish I knew you'd never be gone.
I wish you would stop making me feel so stupid and awkward all the time, and that you could make me feel as valued as I value you.
I wish you felt the same connection I did do.
I wish you didn't pretend to love her.
I wish you would stop underestimating how incredible you are.
I wish you had more faith in me. Just me.
I wish you would leave forever, but your family could stay.
I wish that you were the person you pretend.

But don't climb up too high 'cause I like you fallen.

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