Thursday, 14 April 2011

An incomplete but not unsubstantial collection of things that I find irritating:

1. Made up words or phrases to sound like science
2. Facebook groups that are too long to see the whole name on your feed
3. Lag
4. Pity laughter
5. The View
6. People I want to talk to talking to me juuuuuust before I want to go to bed
7. Not being able to pat my rabbit because it's too cold
8. Animal hair on everything
9. Dirty kitchens
10. Blu-tack that doesn't tack properly
11. Unwashed clothes that I want to wear
12. Obligatory "no I'm not mad at you" texts
13. Lack of logic
14.  "[web browser] cannot display this page"
15. Squiggly You-Spelt-Something-Wrong-Or-Used-Poor-Grammar lines, when you didn't spell it incorrectly and by gum, your (it'd be funny if I'd said 'you're') grammar is impeccable!
16. Being unable to think of things to blog about
17. Not talking to someone I really want to talk to
18. Talking to someone I really don't want to talk to
19. Tense changes
20. International shipping costs
21. How much stuff I want to buy that has international shipping costs
22. The way I promise myself that tomorrow night I'll go to bed early and it never happens
24. How boring this is going to be
25. Always being nice to people
26. Those things where they have a list of things like "1. [insert lame joke], 2. You laughed at 1. 3. Your feet are the same length as your forearm 5. You're comparing 6. You were too busy comparing to notice that there was no number 4. 7. You just looked back to check HAHA YOU IDIOT" Well, no, I wasn't and I didn't. I just don't care about your stupid mind games
27. How frequently I find myself incapable of effectively expressing myself (see above)
28. Packing
29. My job
30. People who argue poorly
31. People who tell me I'm wrong. Even if I am
32. How big my Zefron poster is
33. Two bums <<<<
34. HAHA YOU JUST LOOKED AT THE TWO BUMS. I'm sorry. You're a very intelligent, beautiful person and I hope one day to hold you as you stroke my hair out of my eyes and tell me I'm more brilliant than the moon.
35. Not being able to think of more things, when I know how many billions of things piss me off
36. Having to take care of pets
37. Drunk people who aren't funny
38. My slight obsessive compulsions
39. The way that I want to talk about the people I watch on YouTube like they're my friends, but no-one understand who I'm talking about, and if I explain how I know all these things about their life, "they're vloggers" just doesn't cut the mustard (or the cheese, but that's another thing), so I have to either not mention them or pretend I know them in real life so I don't sound like a weirdo.
40. How much I suck at video games
41. How much I suck at writing postcards to people in England who I love very much but I am really tired and I'm sorry if you're reading this.
42. People who think 42 is the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything. NO, GUYZ.

Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love:
Um ... I don't know? Apparently people who don't know me don't realise I listen to hardcore music so ...
A Boy Brushed Red ... Living in Black and White by Underoath

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