Friday, 6 April 2012

Today was a GREAT food day

I know taking you through my eating habits for today may not seem like a super fun thing, but shut up and it's my internet and I don't even care about your sexual personal preferences and just read the stupid words.

2 hot cross buns, fresh coffee.
Morning tea:
1 hot cross buns, tea (also fresh).
Turkey roast, amazing potatoes I potatoed by which I mean I prepared. Like a boss. And salad.
Lunch dessert (yes!):
Black and white raspberry brownie. Dark chocolate brownie, white chocolate bits swirled through, with raspberries spread all through. Goooooooosh. It's about 47 times better than it sounds.
Afternoon tea:
Chips, more brownie, and 3 hours of playing 500.
Fish, bacon and salad.
Dinner dessert: (You read that right! TWO DESSERTS. IN THE ONE DAY [just capitals wasn't enough; italics were required {there too}])
This thing I made in home science in year I'm going to go with 9. Puff pastry, sweetened cream, fresh strawberries, puff pastry, sweetened cream, fresh strawberries, puff pastry, icing sugar, strawberry garnish.
I should totally have photographed the two desserts because a) I made them both, and b) they were both SO FRAKKING AWESOME.

If you come to my house in like, the next day? Maybe two? There might be some brownie left.
Hey, the offer's there.

Actually one of the best food days of my life. Easter weekend CANNOT get better, food-wise. And Chocolate Sunday hasn't even come yet! I mean Easter Sunday. Easter. Chocolate.

I don't even like chocolate that much ...

So, in closing, if anyone ever wants any delicious desserts made for them, I am so your lady woman girl bitch.
And you can reimburse me with hugs.
Also money.
(no but srsly I want to cook for you) (all of you) (it is fun) (parentheses)

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