Monday, 9 April 2012


Man, BEDA (which it has been so far! Hurrah!) is hard work. Creatively I mean.
I actually have nothing to say to you guys today. I was going to tell you a story about my day today, with pictures to accompany, but the pictures didn't send to me and now I am left, at 11.30pm, with nothing.
So here. tumblr fixes all.

TUMBLR QUESTIONS (from this blog)

  • 1: What eye color do you find sexiest? Brown ;)
  • 2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha? DARK. ALWAYS. Minus the mocha.
  • 3: If you could get a Sharpie tattoo on your back, what would it be? An octopus. No wait! A ROCKtopus. An octopus rocking out on the drums.
  • 4: Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? Er, I don't know. Melbourne, big, yes. Queanbeyan, small, it was OK.
  • 5: Your favorite adult as a child? (and not your parents, if they were your favorite) Andy Fyfe, I'mma say. He is the coolest person I have ever met, by ANYONE'S measure of cool. Unless your measure of cool is crap.
  • 6: What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now? A water smoothie. Gross. No. None smoothies.
  • 7: Most embarrassing moment from your primary school years? I hate these questions because I literally can never think of anything except not-even-that-embarrassing things. I sure hope this is the last of these.
  • 8: Most embarrassing moment from your high school years? Aw, crap.
  • 9: Most embarrassing moment from your college years? Ok, but I guess Primary = when I nearly got A Ticket for something on the playground. I don't know. Telling someone they weren't allowed to climb the wooden castle? High school =  Every. Day. Of. My. Life. College = That time Alyce and I saved a dog. No, wait, that was just the best. I DON'T KNOW ANY ANSWERS TO THIS AND I DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE CAN ALWAYS THINK OF SOMETHING AND I DONT KNOW IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME THAT IS THE REASON I CAN'T THINK OF THEM.
  • 10: Pirates or ninjas? Why? Dude. Ninjas. 'Cause. You can't see them, and then you're dead. Pirates just swear at you and smell bad and speak in words you can't understand. There's a reason there's pirate setting on Facebook and not a ninja one. With the pirate setting it's like "Oh, this is so funny and quirky and I don't know what I'm doing har har har har har." If you turned a ninja setting on, you wouldn't be able to find your Facebook page. Ever.
  • 11: Have you ever climbed a tree more than twenty feet 6.096 m off the ground? I very doubt it.
  • 12: Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing set? Check and check.
  • 13: If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? A whatever it was I saw in Barcelona. Ben! What was it? (I'll get back to you.)
  • 14: What's your most favorite part of your body? My diaphragm. It does pretty good and stuff.
  • 15: What's your most favorite part of your personality? My wit, charm, sense of humour, intellect and supreme sense of humility all tie for first.
  • 16: Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares? I thought that Lady Gaga IS Madonna, in her 'Now Comes Fully Plasticised!" form.
  • 17: Have you ever watched the Superbowl all the way through? I have never watched the Superbowl even a little way through.
  • 18: Have you ever watched any major sporting event drunk? I have not. To be fair though, my major sporting event experience is limited to a couple of games of soccer, and a few AFL grand finals.
  • 19: What's the most delicious food you've ever eaten in your life? THE PARIS BEANS.
  • 20: Margarine or butter? Which did you grow up with? Butter. That's all.
  • 21: Whole, skim, 1%, or 2% milk? Mostly whole, though if I'm feeling dangerous, I'll give 2% a whirl.
  • 22: Which continents have you been on? ...Seems a strange way to pose the question but, Australia, North America, Asia, Europe.
  • 23: Do you get motion sickness? Any horror stories? How are these related? No, except on boats, or if I read while the plane is taking off. Not any good ones. Related: Because there was once this kid who got motion sickness so bad his parents killed him and then he haunted them and everytime his parents drove anywhere, they would see the red demon eyes of their dead child in the back seat and the parents would be incapacitated by vomiting.
  • 24: Backpacks or satchels? Satchpacks. By which I mean Backchels. By which I mean obviously satchels.
  • 25: Would you wear a rainbow jacket? A neon yellow sweater? Checkered pants? YES to all of the above. And I have worn two of them already in my past.
  • 26: What was your favorite cartoon growing up? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the only cartoon in the world why is this a question.
  • 27: If you had to have a cow or a pig, which would you take? Why? Pig. TEACUP PIG.
  • 28: If you had to look at one city skyline for the rest of your life, which would it be? I hate to be That Guy but I gotta say NYC. But like, 12 years ago, so a) I can be in Friends, and b) I got the Twin Towers. 
  • 29: Longest plane ride you've ever been on? Er ... 14 hours? From London to Tokyo, I THINK.
  • 30: The latest you've ever slept? 1pm.
  • 31: Would you buy a sweater covered in kitten pictures? Would you wear it if someone gave it you for free? Covered in pictures of kittens, or covered in kitten pictures, question asker? Because pictures of kittens, I wouldn't buy it but I'd wear it because like, free 'sweater'. But kitten pictures makes me think you just safety pinned a whole lot of pieces of paper with kittens printed on them onto my jumper, which is weird and you should look up a therapist in the yellow pages. But yes. I'd wear it.
  • 32: Do you pick at scabs? To my never ending suffering and torment, yes.
  • 33: Favorite kind of bean? Kidney? Black? Pinto? The ones in Zambreros.
  • 34: How far can you throw a baseball? Back to myself.
  • 35: If you had to move to another country, where would you move? Forever, probably the US, Canada or the UK? For a while, Norway, Switzerland or Italy.
  • 36: Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food? Vietnamese? Korean? Nepalese? How was it? Yes to all of the above. Pretty good I think to all of the above.
  • 37: Small, liberal arts school or public university? Why? Whatever ANU is. 'Cause that's where I am.
  • 38: A relationship with love or one with sex? Love, obvs.
  • 39: Do you eat enough vegetables? Not quite. I think I'm on the line though.
  • 40: Do you like horror movies? How about thrillers? Only slightly, and in the day time with a dog next to me and a friend who is more scared than I am.
  • 41: Would you scratch a crotch itch in public? I ... don't know? I mean. I don't really think about scratching itches so like probably, but I can't verify.
  • 42: Do you swear in front of your parents? In my blog only.
  • 43: Coolest thing you've ever been for Halloween? A person. A person who doesn't do Halloween.
  • 44: If you could change your natural hair color, would you? To what? I have and would and will to dark brown or black.
  • 45: Do you want to get married? Have kids? Yes and ew. Maybe. Or I'll just steal them.
  • 46: Do you use a reusable water bottle? If not, you should. I do. So that's good.
  • 47: City or nature person? Both at different times.
  • 48: Have you ever used something other than "makeup" as makeup? (Like paint? Markers?) Yes. Markers and highlighters as nail polish and I think I did pen-eyeliner once. Bad. Move.
  • 49: Can you walk well in high heels? Even if you're a guy? I am not a guy and I can. For a while.
  • 50: Post 5 awesome things about yourself. BRAG AWAY! No. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME.

A thank you, and goodnight. x

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