Monday, 30 April 2012


So I've gone to this Generate my Blog Topic Because I'm a Creative Abyss by Which I Mean Things Go in and Nothing Ever Ever Comes Out web site blah here
Do you know what it gave me?
You don't. But it's OK. I'll tell you.
Hunting in winter.
So speaking as the experienced winter-hunter that I am, I will tell you a bit about hunting in winter until I get bored and ask for another topic.
Winter huntin', you need a lot of warm clothes and also some hunting things like a knife or a bow or a spear and probably not a sword. There. Go out in the world and make your way!
Obesity in Americans. Haaaaaaaa.
Math or English? I don't know why people see them as such competing things. People are always like "At least maths has a single answer! English doesn't have a specific answer for every question blah blah blah" but that's totally not true. Maths requires way abstract thought and English can have straight answers. And just shut up. They're both good.
Shoveling your self out on a snowy day. Is this a euphemism?
Albert Einstein's early life. Well, Mr and Mrs Einstein love each other very much and one day they decided to make that love into a person. But after that delightful beginning, they were constantly disappointed.
Your favourite novels. I'm assuming it means me. The Fault in Our Stars! Ender's Game! Twilig- Jokes. Divergent! I don't know.
How to make your boss happy. I think you know ;)
NATO countries. What? Um. There. I don't ... I don't know what I'm meant to say.
Dutch villages. This is just getting silly.
Your worst enemy. All those NATO countries.
Russian art. I don't know! There's lots of snow I would guess. They can probably paint you a picture of how to shovel your self out on a snowy day. Also some winter hunting.
The right amount of living space. ...
Poodles are fun things. Oh. You are just. STOP it.
Rings of Uranus. The planet of Uranus has a system of rings which were dicovered on March 10, 1977. There are 13 rings, and their radii range from about 38,000km to about 98,000km. They are thought to be relatively young, no more than 600 million years old (spring chickens!). Oh wait I mean no, rings of URanus, blog topic generator.'
Sheets or WaWa? OK, I'm done.
Tennis ball records. Yeah. Really. Done.

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