Sunday, 1 April 2012

BEDA ...

seems a bit optimistic at the moment, considering how slow the internet was to get to this point of writing (at least, though very quite a lot likely more, half an hour) and that's not even including trying to post it. So Vati, if you're reading this, MOAR INTERNETZ.
So this will hopefully (and also hopegully, which is what I almost wrote) this will be Blog Every Day in April, but otherwise, it'll be Blog Every Day That I Can in April, Where 'Can' Refers to the Availability of My Internet and Not If I Can Be Bothered Or Not. BEDTICAW'C'RVMINIICBBON. I think we'll still with BEDTICA for short. Agreed? Agreed.

So there's that.
Cross your fingers (and fringes) for a good, solid BEDA and not a lousy, ol' tica ridden bed. Bed ridden tica. Something ridden something. Is what she said.  Allegedly.

Also I have my GOOD laptop BACK, so cross your fringey fingers that it doesn't break for the third time, and excuse any and all typos because I am still getting used to the keyboard.
Though I think to be able to read this blog you would have to get used to ignoring the typos, because there are MILLIONS and BILLIONS and HUNDREDS which considering that I can touch type (as I am now, boo yeah) is stupid.

Anywaiz, this month you can expect to see from me such wonders AS:
my review of The Hunger Games
some other things
probably a lot of lists (the blogger's LAST RESORT)
at least one poorly constructed and executed rant
lots of Maureen Johnson Twitter-esque capitalisation, one will hope
a number (range: -12 to 79) of unnecessarily and awkwardly long posts in an effort to school work
probs some other stuff and whatever.


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