Thursday, 26 April 2012

OK, I lied.

I KNOW I lied. I said I was back. Well, I am back but I didn't come back. To this blog. Right here. Like I promised.
Given that I have 8 trillion (see: 3) assignments due in the next few weeks, and had one due on Monday, I have actually been DOING work. I KNOW. Cray town. Population: me. And some confused crayfish.
Also, aside from that, my internet has been maxed out this month, which is always cause for a small party just kidding it stinks. But to load this 'write a blog post' page, took enough for me to get angry and go do dishes instead. DISHES. INSTEAD. I CHOSE DISHES.
Shit just got real.
So again, I am sorry, and I will make it up to you. I know I'll say "in a few weeks when all my assignments are done blah blah blah you won't be able to get rid of me" but let's be honest, shall we? Uni's are crap. They are crap in one way one of the same ways that high school is crap (yes, that doesn't make sense, but yes you know what I mean anyway). THEY GIVE YOU ALL YOUR ASSESSMENT AT ONCE. And then you finish it. Sweet relief, you might say. You may even begin to knead out the knots in your back and stretch your fingers that are suffering from Typing Too Much Disease.
Then you make the mistake of checking your course outline, and lo and be-freaking-hold. You've got another 17 things due next week.

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