Friday, 13 April 2012


THIS IS SPARTA** WHAT?! I am posting my BEDA (I feel comfortable saying 'BEDA' at this point, because it has been so far, though that may be about to change) earlier than 10 minutes before midnight?! What crazy insane-o land is this I am hailing from that would cause this kind of commotion? You have all, undoubtedly, gotten used to what could almost but not quite be called tardiness.
But alas, (I almost wrote alaz. And that is what I am going to write every time for the rest of my life even and especially in essays) I am going out to dinner tonight for my dear dear dear friend Gabby's birthday and I have spent the whole day avoiding doing homework and this is an excellent tactic for that.
I have been doing a top job at avoiding though. I managed to find an HOUR LONG youtube video from Nerd HQ, which is a thing organised by Zachary Levi (of Chuck semi-fame) where they have panels of cool people and people ask questions and the cool people answer and the cool people I watched were Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and  Adam Baldwin, who you all know are the super cool peeps from Firefly.
But then I did actually have to print a billion bajillion pages of things off for schoolwork to take with me to Queensland which brings me to my next point!
I am going to QUEENSLAND for a week tomorrow, and I am not entirely sure though somewhat doubtful that I will have internet. So if I don't, and therefore cannot post, I will EXTEND BEDA for however long I miss into May! Isn't that super mediocre?! I know, I know.
But I DID end up doing some printings for school and because I'm doing a lab report in psych which needs literally (not actually not literally) a million references, I have printed a bunch of papers and used this FABULOUS TOOL (ding) SUPPLIED BY THE LIBRARY RESOURCES that finds the journal articles or papers I'm using and WRITES MY BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR ME IN THE FORMAT I NEED IT.
People who write their own are chumps.
People who use this super secret and epically amazing thing are champs.
I am a champs.


*This is my one hundredth post. Woo! *small party* In fact, I think I will try and convert Gabby's party into an Adrienne's One Hundredth Post Party. A much snappier name.
**Sparta here equals madness. Also Sparta.


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  3. I totally get your Friends reference (that is a thing, and you most definitely did that on purpose! And you have just saved uni life for me, so I thank thee wit ma S2 n sole.