Saturday, 7 April 2012

Is Hippos Dead?

I am about 90% sure they JB are now going to replace my laptop. And with that, the Saga of the Malfunctioning Death Machine is hopefully brought to a calm close, and the Tale of the Eternally Perfectly Working Hardware of Luuuurve can begin. In a couple of weeks when I get it.
Splendid! Splended! Splendead. 'S Plen Dead? Is Plen DEAD?
No. No he's not.

I know I am meant to have posted the Hunger Hippos by now, but it's really hard to write something. I'm finding especially difficult because I'm trying to view it solely as a movie, and having read the books a couple of times, that's really hard.

As much as I am a fan of reading the book first, it does kind of ruin your objectivity about the movie. But for every book I've read after a seeing the movie (admittedly not many) neither have been ruined.
Maybe we've got this whole read it first thing wrong? Maybe it should be Read It Second But Definitely Still Read It, You Lazy Boat Hook (is an insult I am now apparently using, of course.)

The Hunger Hippos is actually is significantly better name for The Hunger Games than 'The Hunger Games' is for The Hunger Games.  Especially considering the high hippo incidence rate. It really should be "Cool story bro, needs more hippos."
Or "... needs more dragon hippos."
Or "... needs more dragon hips."
Or "... needs more hip dragons."
Which are like normal dragons, but they wear Ray Bans and listened to Gotye before Making Mirrors and own 3 different coloured pairs of Docs.

I'm tired and I'm reading this AMAZING book (Divergent by Veronica Roth) so I'm OUTTA HEREEEE.
Bon nuit to you all.

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