Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I am ging to lave this pot exactly as my computer types i witout correcting ay errors, except or ones ii make myself. Do you see hw hard writnig aything is for me righ now?! because i's that hard. Maybe even harder. GOD.
It's especialy unfair becaue this computer was a ggift for my birthday last year. 8th of may 2011 I got a computer and it was so goo! It was so good until one ay when I was in Calgary airpot waiting fr my plane, and I turned it on, and it worked fine for about 3 minutes, andthen it crashed. Died. Dead. Over. black. It didn' shhut down or do an of the normal things. Just as if the battery had been pulled out. ut it hadn't.
From then on it wuold turn on, stay on fo 3-7 minutes, and do he saame ting. Tried a bunch of stuff an nothng worked.
Bearin in mind that this was week 3 of the trrip (a month and a half after I got it),  I carriedd this huge lum of essentially un-usable hardware for the next 2 moths, util I saw my mum in Englannd an she took it home wth her.
I got home from my trip, too i to JB a week or two later to send off, which they di. I then waited until mid-January (I go back in ctober) to et it back. 'Fied' Well, th same thng didn' hapen again, but this time, three das after  got it bacck,  turned it on and th electrics just shorted out or something and it wouldn't tun o at all o do ayting. Took it BACK to JB, struggled to convince thm to send it off again (God knows why) and finally they  agreed. This is en of Janury this ear.
I got it back last eek. i've used it  yesterday and today. And thisis hat I'm dealin wit..
I' like to  take this moent to point out that I have never had ny keyboard isues wih it AT ALL before this. ad now this.

I actually think it might beb getng worse, which will be goo if and when I take it back to JB. I was worried that it wwouldn't do i and he JB peole would think I'm a liar, which I AM CLEARLY NOT.

I wish you all the best of luck trying to read this. (I corrected mistakes in both this and the previous sentence.)
On th othr hnd, Game of Thrones.

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