Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Definitel a dwnwardsprial.

Now t mouse i scrwingup to. OD. TS is stupid.
Als why ts is oly going o beth obligatory shrt post today,because I d't hav my other lapop nd it's lte d so  ca't use anyoe ele's.
I wil try d eiher get y oth laptopfor tomrow, or writeit at ui.

I hink it' geting wos.

'll leae you ith a poem:

when iwri ths it wll beillegib
lke the writing of sometng poeic ica't thin of rightnow,
b when ths probl, is disese s fixe
one agan he s wil shin and this biliant,
brillain macne will in wih it.

I feel like th wring could be the iane ramblis o an institutionale psychopth.
Eve I d't realy knowht its meat to say anyme.

But I eel ke there is so strage bauty in it. In th disjonted messy noteven-wordss tha aresprawling hemslves l ovr my age.
Also, touc typi isuseles in tis setting, becaue if i look at he screen,  wanto correc all he mstaks. So  almost ve t focuson nt looing, whi meas my tping bing iuitiv again.
All rig, all right I'm done nw.

 hofullnorma bl pot wil be awaiti you omorrw evening!

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