Thursday, 12 April 2012

I have a stinky crappy headache that I've had since yesterday when the doctor attacked me with burny stuff and needles and so I think you should be happy I rated all those books for you yesterday and you really should read Divergent I will lend it to you if you want it and today I watched Glee which was awful but Darren Criss was in the shower while singing Christina Aguilera and then he and Matt Bomer sung Somebody that I Used to Know which was kind of weird because it's a song about breaking up and stuff and they're brother and brothers but it was still AWESOME and now I'm just really tired but actually I would recommend you read any of the books I listed yesterday, most of them I would recommend very strongly except for the Book of Lies and the sequel because I'm sorry Moloney but you are an awful writer but definitely read The Fault in Our Stars because it makes you feel everything and Hazel and Augustus are just. Just. Perfect. Except for the thing that's killing them.
Goodnight. X

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