Tuesday, 2 November 2010


My mind is blank except for my novel.
And I'm sick of blogging about it.

So I am trying to think of something else.

So, Packed to the Rafters, huh?
Mel in a car accident.

I had Turkish for dinner.
It was delicious.

I wore funny clothes to school.
My school is stupid.

I went to drums.
We did some Latin.

I am reading Uglies.
I'd rather be reading that than writing my own unnamed thing.

My unnamed thing is actually saved at 'unnamed'.
Do you know what? [EDIT: <<< what? i don't even know what i meant to type there ...]

There are some little couplets for you, giving you lovely insight into my day.
I know you appreciate the simple layout of my blogs.
I know that's the only reason you're here.
The aesthetics.
It's OK.
I still love you.


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