Thursday, 4 November 2010

Intergalactic Space Travels to Oprah.

"There true pioneers in every field, and, in the field of fan-made parodies, the true pioneers are undoubtedly Team Starkid, the producers, musicians, directors, choreographers and actors from the well-known and even better-loved musical A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Their additions to the Potter-verse are undeniable, as well as undeniably hilarious. Choosing to feature them in an episode of Oprah would be one of the greatest things to happen since I first watched A Very Potter Musical."

Team Starkid fan?
A Very Potter Musical or Sequel fan?
Excited for Starship and whatever wonders it holds? (It's not Pigfarts, guys.)
Well, then, YOU, yes you, should go right ahead to THIS LINK to help get Team Starkid to appear on an episode of Oprah!
Support your favourite grown up, moonshoes kids by following the link, putting in the essential information, and writing, in 2000 characters or fewer, why YOU want them to be on Oprah.
Above you can see my submission, and I know you'll find it hard to top that, but try, my Oddlings, try.

Seriously, how flippin' fantastic would it be to see them, in all their awesome glory, on Oprah.
Think of the Youtube views!
Think of the fans!
Think of the merch!
Think about the incentives of amazing new musicals from them!
Think of the your favourite Starkid kissing you in an uncontrollable fit of appreciation and joy!
[please note: supporting Team Starkid by writing to Oprah does in no way guarantee a kiss or any other form of recognition by the aforementioned group, but I bet it'll make them smile if they get on the show.]

So go out into the world, and be amazing.
By which I obviously mean go to the link and write some funny stuff.

Post Script: If you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about in this blog, then I pity you. In order to become an awesome individual like myseslf, go to LINKOFAWESOME

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