Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This was written of my own free will and I have not been forced into it at all [GUYS, HELP ME, HE'S TORTURING ME *muffled screams*]

Robert Cox is pretty awesome.
Like, no joke.
Even though he takes photos of small children and gives people alcohol (as of tomorrow), he is still a very non-weird person who can occasionally be quite gorgey.
I mean, sure, maybe I would appreciate it if he was less of a dick to me sometimes. Maybe if there was a kind word that wasn't said with malice and pure, pure hate. But ASIDE from that, I guess he's kind of OK.

Just keep your kids far, far away.
He never deletes photos...

A listy non-poem titled
Things I think I know about Robert Cox:

He has a funny patch of blonde in his hair.
He freaks the flip out if you touch his neck.
He is amazing ... and that's the end of THAT sentence.
He wears lady glasses.
He has $50.
He sometimes abuses me, but I like to think it's in jest.
He CO-coaches a basketball team with the coolest lady out (c'est moi!).
He is special and weird.
He usually replies to my text messages. Sometimes. Maybe. If I'm lucky.
He told me to write a blog post about him.

So I dedicate this blog post to my second favourite ever Cox (lol),

Robbie <3

P.S. maddyiloveyou. :D

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