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Adrienne Reviews Some Stuff. One Stuff. *insert jingle*

So, I know. I've been way undedicated of late. I had exams and school and [insert excuses here], but I am making a comeback! In the best possible way.

With a lengthy review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One!

First off, my overall experience of the night.
I was cruelly forced into arriving 3 hours early (thanks, Aleks) and no-one else was there at that point, but we were all dressed up and having a pretty alright time (pics on the way). We were just chatting, and we saw the lead singer of Los Capitanes, and the staff thought we were weird, which was probably fair enough, and we listened to some sweet wrock tunes, and whatnot.
At about 10 or 10.30, other people started arriving, and I swear, there were some of the coolest people there. An epic Moody, an awesome Tonks, an insane Professor McGonagall, and a number of other stellar costumes. We went up and talked to, took photos with and had a great time with a whole bunch of people whose real names we don't know, and who we will probably never see again.
It was freaking amazing.
From the people recognising our AVPM references, to a girl with multiple Harry Potter-related tattoos who has actually HUGGED AND TALKED TO DARREN CRISS (ohmygod), to the random people judging us. It was all incredible.
And this was before we even got in the cinema!
The audience in the cinema was amazing, they clapped and cheered at the start, but also knew when to shut up, and all of it combined to make one of the best nights ever.
Midnight premieres for the win!

Now, the movie.
No spoilers yet.
Overall, it was probably my favourite of the Harry Potter movies. I didn't like the Deathly Hallows book as much as some of the others, because I felt it a bit rushed, and I'm also not really a fan of the two-part movie fandango, because I want closure.
But this was brilliant.
It represented the book well, only missed a few parts, some of which are important, and some of which I really wanted, but it didn't detract from the movie much, because most of the time they put in something really great.
It also segued from funny to tragic to intense to silly very quickly, but very smoothly. They (the directors, producers, writers, etc) knew when to break the tension, and how to do it really well, which I enjoyed, because there's something horrible about an emotional scene being ruined by a misplaced joke. That was one thing I was really impressed with.
It was also cut at kind of an annoying, but very appropriate place, and while it may be a bit long, I didn't find it too long.

*Spoiler Warning*
*Spoiler Warning*
If you haven't read the book, and/or don't want anything in the movie ruined, please look away and come back later.
*Spoiler Warning*
*Spoiler Warning*

I thought the deaths were incredible.
Parts I cried (including small tear-shedding):
Hedwigs death = 2 tears
Moody's death = no tears but a sad face (which is how it is in the book for me)
George's ear-loss = 4 tears
Lily and James's grave = 10 tears
Dobby's death = freaking, 8 bajillion
Oh dear goodness, Dobby's death is so perfectly tragic. And Luna is just perfect.

I think they wrote the deaths very well, and they were much like I imagined in the book. The awkwardness between Fred and George when George loses his ear was just beautiful, because they are normally so fluid and connected, and the loss of George's ear seems to fracture this for a moment.
Hedwig's death was overlooked, just as it was in the book, possibly moreso.

Bathilda Bagshot is also flipping scary as hell. That scene was creepy, particularly early on.
When she just appears next to them, OHMYGOD freaky.

Also, the Deathly Hallows story from The Tales of Beedle the Bard is beautiful.

Draco is wonderful. That's all. He only had about 4 lines, and he still managed to express inner angst (angst angst angst angst) and termoil. Bellatrix is brilliant as always, I was impressed with Lucius, and Xenophilius, and the guy the picked for young Grindelwald is exactly like the guy I imagined, which is always nice. (Unlike you, Sirius and Lupin!)

Scenes I miss not being there:
The scene where Dudley finally shows some care for Harry.
The Lupin/Harry fight scene at Grimmauld place.
Wormtail trying to strangle Harry and dying (HE DOESN'T DIE WHAT?)
Harry being turned into a red-headed Weasley (LOL as opposed to a non-red-headed Weasley).
Seeing Luna's painting of her friends.
And some others that I can't remember.

The one bit I kind of wish wasn't in it?
That freaky bit with Harry and Hermione making out all naked-like, when Ron opens the Slytherin Horcrux. Disgusting and wrong.
Especially after the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing.


Definitely go and see it, even if you haven't read the books. You haven't read the books????? Go read the books!!!!!
If you haven't read the books, there might be small little funny things that you don't get in the movie, but that's OK. You kind of deserve it because you haven't read the books.

And dress up when you go, Oddlings. Dress right up.
I will (maybe) lend you my cloak. If you're realllllllll nice.
ALSO, this is because I love you.
I'm Fridy maaaaate! <---- Intentional typos @AleksGrimes.

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