Friday, 12 November 2010

I just finished school.

I don't really know what there is to say, but I just thought I'd share with you how I'm feeling.
Pretty freaking scared.
The idea that there are all these people who I have only just started getting to know, or haven't got to know yet is horrible. There are all these gorgeous, wonderful people who I would love to be friends with, but now I won't, because we're not quite close enough to hang out outside of school.
I'm not really excited.
Mainly because none of my plans seem real. All I know is school, and that's over, and I have nothing concrete left. I have no job. I have no European plane ticket, I haven't been accepted to uni, I have no money, and now I have no school.

I know all of this is pretty typical for people finishing school, but oh well.
I just want all my school people who read this to know that I love you all, so much, even if I don't know you, and I hope everything in your life only gets better.

I hate people that say that College is the best time of your life, because if it is? My life is going downhill pretty fast.

Sorry to bore you with all this. It's not very long, but it's so unoriginal. These are the same feelings that must have been felt by 90% of the population.
But this whole blog thing is about being myself and what I am right now is scared.

God, I hope I don't cry at the formal.

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