Friday, 4 April 2014

You know what I think is the most adorable thing about me? And by 'most' I mean 'kind of' and by 'adorable' I mean 'maybe a little bit pathetic'?

I get really excited as my page views on the ol' blogster (this thing, this thing you're on right now) go up and up. Then I realise it's me. It's just me. I end up rereading my own posts and making small changes to the alignment of things in the layout and checking and making sure that a new post looks okay and proofing it, so the page views just tiiiiiick slowly up and I'm like, freaking out that REAL PEOPLE are REALLY LOOKING at my REAL BLOG. But they're not. It's me. Hello, me! Stop getting excited about the presence of yourself, you dork! No one will notice or care that the alignment of the 'Who's that girl?' box has changed by ten pixels!

There is actually an option (I think) to exclude your own page views from the count, but the thought of how much my total number of views will go down TERRIFIES ME. Which is super dumb because I actually don't really care? This is a kinda journalling thing for me that I like sharing with my friends and whatever, but I don't care about getting more views? In fact, getting a whole bunch more would actually probably freak me the crap out. But it's this awful reward thing that internet teaches you to want, that views is the PRIZE and everyone should want it. And I don't want to want it!

Dem views doe.

I was going to write "On another note" and then keep writing things, but I realised I'm already tapped for creativity, which is only going to get worse as the month goes on, so NO MORE THAN ONE TOPIC PER POST is a rule a probably won't stick to but should try to.

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