Saturday, 5 April 2014

A million angries.

So like our neighbours have a dog and a cat, and they've gone away for two months? I think so far they've been gone about six weeks. And they asked their daughter and her boyfriend to drop by twice a day to feed the animals, give them attention and take the dog for walks.
My mum and I offered to help, too. The neighbours said it should be fine, but they gave the daughter our phone number in case they couldn't make it or something.
The first week, the daughter and the boyfriend came twice a day, every day. They came, fed the pets and left. Not really any playing and certainly no walks. So my mum took to taking their dog, Ellie, on walks after she takes Arty.
After that first week, they texted my mum one night, asking if she could feed the pets as they wouldn't be able to make it. Mum fed them.
Since then, the daughter and the boyfriend have come maybe 10-15? In A MONTH, where they should have come SIXTY TIMES (morning and night) to feed the animals. They've just stopped showing up, except for occasional, once a week drop-ins. Obviously, after the first night that they didn't come, mum and I have been checking whether or not they've come and if not, mum's gone in to feed the pets herself.
But this poor dog, who is super friendly and loves attention and cuddles, has just been left. She's got so depressed. She cries all the time. She's stopped getting all happy and jumpy and excited when people go around to see her. She's lethargic. She's taken to pooping on the concrete, because the daughter and the boyfriend haven't cleaned up the poop on the grass AT ALL in the WHOLE TIME. She's pulls her blankets out of her bed. She's distressed. And these people have just stopped caring for her (and the cat).
And now? Mum went over this morning to check on them, and there's no dog food left. But the daughter or boyfriend have been this morning because the mail got taken inside. But there's no new dog food? Why? Because they've started feeding the dog cat food! Responsible pet care, right?!

EUGH. I get so angry! I cannot understand how people could take on this task (when there were others offering to help) and when there are LIVING ACTUAL THINGS depending on their care, and then just like not do it???? And these people are actual PET OWNERS themselves! They have their own dog! So they clearly don't just hate everything, they actually 'care for' a dog of their own! I fundamentally just cannot understand how someone could just NOT go feed an animal, for DAYS ON END. And then feed it cat food, which can make dogs sick.
And this poor dog's whole personality has changed. I mean, we've tried to spend time and play with Ellie and everything, but there's only so much we can do.
People suuuuuuuck.

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