Wednesday, 2 April 2014


It's BEDA time. So let's BEDA.

I mean, it is already April 2. But it's still April 1st in the US and starting BEDA on April 2nd is almost becoming a tradition here on theonlyadrienne. So is not completing BEDA, so we'll see how that goes :D

I will also be going away for 8 days, where I may or may not be able to blog but ah well. I may even write posts but not be able to post them. I mean, it's unlikely but you never know.

And so begins the long haul of having to try and think about what to write for BEDA every day. Will I frequently resort to lists, or short posts that contain nothing other than a brief acknowledgement and assurance I am alive? Will I start writing a story that I'll never even consider finishing? Will I grumble and complain about things? Will I break new ground on theonlyadrienne blog and put up delicious recipes? Will I give you recommendations on how to improve your life by reading specific books? Will blogspot become a place I fear to venture because of the shame of yet another failed BEDA?

WHO KNOWS. Certainly not me. Place all bets now to be in the running to win a fabulous prize!*

Now I will try go off and try and book a room in a small town in Japan using a poorly translated website (THANKS, Google). This is a venture bound for success!

Wish me the luckiest of luck for BEDA! I know I'll need it. You know I'll need it. The lint in my pocket knows I'll need it. Which is especially amazing given I am not currently wearing pockets! Or wearing clothes with pockets! Or wearing lint!

(*Prize to be determined and may or may not corporeally exist.)

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