Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Good news in a tornado of stress!

First off, congratulations to me! This month, despite not doing very well at BEDA (I have been doing uni work almost non-stop, it's great...) I reached a new recall for total views in a month! And probably only half of those were me! So thank you, one and all. I mean, it doesn't mean a lot to you, but I've been trying to beat my record I set like, 3 years ago and now I have :)

Second! And kind of related! Yesterday (I think) I received an e-mail telling me I've been selected as 1 of 101 local humans! This is an exciting tourism uh, thing (I am up on the lingo) in order to make Canberrans and their family and friends from interstate more aware about the cool things Canberra has. They've selected 101 humans (of which I am one - I managed to trick them into believing I'm human) who are 'social media savvy' (a term I've been longing for someone that isn't me to apply to me for ever) and have a 'flair for telling stories', and is part of the broader Human Brochure program thing (link: this is the link) which is helping to showcase Canberra as a cool place to go. These 101 humans get to experience after hours events with local and interstate friends and family, to explore all that Canberra has to offer. I sound like I'm selling this to you. I'm not. You can't be in it. Ha! It's just me. (And 100 other people). But I'm pretty excited!

Reasons why I'm excited:

  • Getting to do something fun after hours - I put my name down for the Family Fun category, so I can do something with my step-brothers and interstate family, which will also be awesome
  • They literally judged entrants' social media presence and credentials. Like, this is apparently me according to Visit Canberra director Ian Hill: "We're really looking for people who have a sense of passion about Canberra, who like to share Canberra, who are connected on social media networks and meaningfully connected. So they do actually write things of substance and are influential within their own circle." I am influential in my own circle!! WHAT! Should I warn my circle? Blog circle, consider this your warning, I am probably influencing you. (From here
  • We get to attend events to help us learn more about developing engaging social media and to show us more about Canberra and weeeeee! Ahhhh! We get upskilled! Upskilling! In getting to do fun stuff!
  • I have excused to do social media. I love social media. Like, I don't know if you know this but I love social media. It is very important to me and now I have an excuse to do it. This is the literal best. 
  • I won something! By having skill! At social media! And now I get to do fun stuff! For FREE! Wow.
Anyway, I better stop being so gosh darn influencing and passionate and writing things of such substance and being all connected and go finish my assignment. Aw, that's not nearly as fun :(

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